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Seton Hall University
ICOPS 2017


Charged Particle Beams and High Powered Pulsed Sources

Dates: May 25, 2017 - May 26, 2017
Wildwood 6, Waterfront Convention Center
Harrah's Resort Atlantic City, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

As part of the International Conference on Plasma Science 2017 (ICOPS 2017), a special 1.5-day mini-course on Charged Particle Beams and High Powered Pulsed Sources will be offered. This mini-course will be tutorial in nature and it will cover topics in the areas spanning fundamental research on theoretical modeling, computational approaches, and experimental findings. It will play an enabling role in bringing together experts in these fields so as to ensure optimal coordination among the fields. Some of the lecturers will describe the latest progress of their discipline while others will offer overview lectures and review their present research interests and the context in which these areas of research are highly valuable. Participants at this conference will acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills that will enable them to contribute to many areas of plasma science and technology.

Model of a Z-Pinch Accelerator
Proposed model of a 1,000 terawatt LTD-based z-pinch accelerator. 104 m diameter, 70 million amperes, 24 megavolts.

Registration Fee: US $350 student and US $550 regular participant; Registration will include snack and dinner on May 25 and breakfast, lunch and two snacks on May 26, 2017.

Mini-Course Agenda

Mini-Course Overview

A potential funding opportunity to participate in the Mini-course is the Paul Phelps Continuing Education Grant

Mini-course Lecturers

  1. Kevin Jensen, Naval Research Laboratory -  "An Introduction to the Physics and Applications of Electron Sources"
  2. John Harris, Air Force Research Laboratory - "Vacuum Surface Flashover" 
  3. Bruce Carlsten, Los Alamos National Laboratory - "X-ray Free Electron Lasers (XFEL)" 
  4. Andrea Schmidt, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - "Configuring the dense plasma focus to maximize ion beams and neutron yield"
  5. Bryan Oliver, Sandia National Laboratories - "Intense Charged Particle Beam Physics and Applications" 
  6. Jacob Zier, Naval Research Laboratory - "High-power Electron Beam Diodes"
  7. Peng Zhang, State University of Michigan - "Theory and Modeling of Ultrafast and Nanoscale Interfacial Electron Transport".  
  8. Ryan McBride, University of Michigan, - "Linear Transform Drivers: Compact Pulsed-Power Technology for High Energy Density Experiments"
  9. Rami Kishek, University of Maryland -  "Introduction to Multipactor Discharge"


Chair of Mini-course

Arati Dasgupta
Arati Dasgupta
Naval Research Laboratory