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Seton Hall University
ICOPS 2017

International Committee

Committee Members
Name and e-mail Address                                      Affiliation Country       Technical Area
Agust Valfells
([email protected])
Reykjavik University Iceland Electron and Ion Beams
Ashild Fredriksen
([email protected])
University of Tromso Norway Space Plasmas
Jianjun Deng
([email protected])
Institute of Fluid Physics, China Academy of Engineering Physics China Pulsed Power, Beams, and Radiation Sources
Joseph Schumer
([email protected])
Naval Research Laboratory USA Pulsed Power, Beams, Radiation Sources
Laurent Veron
([email protected])
Strategy and Assessment Office, Comissariat a l'Energie Atomique France Radiation Sources
Lay-Kee Ang
([email protected])
Singapore University of Technology & Design Singapore Electrons, Lasers, and Plasma
Lutfi Oksuz
([email protected])
Suleyman Demirel University Turkey Microwaves
Manfred Thumm
([email protected])
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany Microwaves
Michael Kong
([email protected])
Old Dominion University USA Medical Applications of Plasmas
Pascal Chabert ([email protected]) Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas, Ecole Polytechnique France Radiofrequency and Electronegative plasmas, plasma etching, and plasma propulsion
Pietri Favia
([email protected])
University of Bari Italy Low Temperature Plasmas
Robert Fedosejevs
([email protected])
University of Alberta Edmonton Alberta Canada Fluid Dynamics
Weihua Jiang
([email protected])
Extreme Energy-Density Research Institute, Nagaoka University of Technology Japan Pulsed Power Applications and Microwaves
Yitzhak Maron ([email protected]) Weizmann Institute of Technology Israel Plasma Spectroscopy
Yoshi Omura
([email protected])
Kyoto University Japan Space Plasmas
Xian-Jun Yang
([email protected])
Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics (IAPCM), Chinese Academy of Sciences China Pulsed Power Applications and Computational Mathematics
Brett Pokines
([email protected])
AFOSR Southern Office of Aerospace Research and Development USA AFOSR Represented in South America
Karel Jungwirth
([email protected])
Czech Academy of Sciences Czech Republic Lasers
Gennady Mesyats
([email protected])
Academy of Sciences Russia Pulsed Power and Switches
Georg Muller
([email protected])
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany Pulsed Power Applications
Aled Jones
([email protected])
Atomic Weapons Establishment United Kingdom Pulsed Power Technology
Valentin Smirnov
([email protected])
Kurchatov Institute Russia Z-Pinches and Fusion

Note: Italicized names are currently tentative members of the International Committee.