Seton Hall University
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The Career Center

The Career Center's mission is to facilitate career development and experiential education opportunities that empower students to engage in lifelong career management. We provide a learning environment to ensure that our students are prepared for professional success and service to the common good.

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General Inquiries
Call: (973) 761-9355

Location and Hours
Bayley Hall, Room 209
Monday - Friday, 8:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Appointments: Use Compass (via PirateNet) or call (973) 761-9355 to schedule an appointment. Appointments can be held in-person or via phone/video chat.

What Great Minds Can Do

Stephanie Gomulka
Stephanie's Story
Stephanie worked with Seton Hall's Career Center, and by her sophomore year she had begun the first of five internships. She interned with Time, Inc. twice, as well as with ABC News, CBS News and Z100, the No. 1 radio station in New York City.

CHAMP Program

CHAMP alumni mentor and student mentee pairing.
The CommArts Honor Alumni Mentor Partners (CHAMP) pairs students together with alumni mentors at the top of their professions in some of the world's leading companies — an experience exclusive to the College of Communication and the Arts.