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Seton Hall University

Seton Hall University to Open Fall Semester on August 24 with On-Campus and Remote Learning Options.

Speech-Language Pathology Professor Anthony Koutsoftas

Speech-Language Pathology Professor Awarded $1.4M Grant

Speech-Language Pathology Professor, Anthony Koutsoftas, awarded $1.4 million federal grant to develop writing intervention.

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A photo of a Seton Hall graduate student sitting in a chair in Bethany Hall.

Get Ready for Graduate School!

Our flexible online programs bring graduate school within reach. Start your Seton Hall journey today.

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Great Mind Anthony Tokarz

On a Fast Track

Anthony Tokarz graduated from Seton Hall in three years, accomplishing far more than he had originally imagined: two internships, two pilgrimages, getting involved in campus activities—and more.

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Can Do

National Security Fellowship Team

National Security Fellowship Team

Diplomacy graduate students present recommendations to senior advisors aimed at improving relations between India and Pakistan.

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Undergraduate Degrees

Baccalaureate degrees earned by the Class of 2020.


Honors Students

Baccalaureate students graduating with honors.


Graduate Degrees

Graduate degrees earned by the Class of 2020.

Business Analytics & Data Science

Whatever your professional goals, Seton Hall University can prepare you to achieve them through its two new online graduate programs.

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