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Seton Hall University
An image of President's Hall and the sun shining through trees above the chapel.

Maintaining Brand Identity

What Great Minds Can Do book cover. Specific resources — graphics standards manual, style and brand guides, and several publication templates — are available below.

The consistent use of logos and colors (graphic standards) and editorial messaging/style (University style) throughout all materials Seton Hall produces reinforces the ideals that Seton Hall stands for: academic excellence, Catholic mission and community. 

University Style

Use the University Style Guide to learn how to maintain proper style in communications that will be shared with the public. It details how to refer to buildings on campus, list alumni, donors and professors, and reviews common grammatical challenges. 

View the University Style Guide »


Use the Seton Hall Brand Guide to learn more about University logos, symbols, colors, fonts and other visuals as well as messaging, positioning and our tagline.

Brand Messaging Guidelines

Boiler Plate

It’s important that everyone who speaks or writes about Seton Hall is aware of our key message points. The list below includes many of the most critical “talking points” about the University, which can be used in communications you may be developing. 
Boiler Plate for Press Releases  »

PowerPoint Templates

Below are two Seton Hall University-approved PowerPoint templates already developed for your use. If you have questions about these templates or need specific templates for a school or college, please email [email protected].

University Stationery

The Department of Public Relations and Marketing recently updated Seton Hall's stationery system in order to provide greater consistency among all University communications and to align it with the University's new "What great minds can do" branding campaign. Reinforcing consistency in visual appearance and messaging in this way is considered a best practice in branding.

View an example of the stationery »

For information about ordering stationery, contact Procurement.

Email Signatures 

One of the most visible ways we communicate with our audiences is through email. Consistent email identification strengthens the Seton Hall University brand and creates a unified University digital presence. Email signatures play a significant role when it comes to marketing, branding and maintaining a good relationship with our community and constituents. Learn More »