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President Nyre speaking at the Interfaith Clergy Breakfast


Pastor Breakfast 

On October 8, Seton Hall hosted the second Interfaith Clergy Breakfast, which was fashioned to respond to the needs of the clergy from our first breakfast. They learned about our initiative to support a middle school in Morristown under the auspices of the Community Development Center of Bethel Church. Other topics included free SAT tutoring for the University's partner congregations and ongoing initiatives with Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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On April 2, 2019, Seton Hall was honored to inaugurate its Faith Based Community Engagement work when it hosted 41 colleagues who share our commitment and interest in outreach to the surrounding community and in particular, to find ways to advance our collective work for the youth we all serve. The conversation took place through the medium of our shared Christian Faith, as well as our attention to the crucial role that education plays in the renewal and vitality of our communities.

The event was hosted by Interim Provost Karen Boroff of Seton Hall, with the assistance of Special Advisor to the Provost Rev. Joseph Thelusca, and Ms. Estina Baker, Campaign Lead of the Trenton Office of the Communications Workers of America.

The conversation included pastors, community leaders and government administrators from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and the Nation’s Capital, and places in New Jersey ranging from Teaneck to Ocean City. With the support of this energetic group, these conversations will continue, ultimately to improve our sacred obligation to serve the Lord.

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SAT Prep Event
In July, several departments in Arts and Sciences along with the Core Curriculum collaborated to offer two classes, free of charge to ten students from the local community and from high-need families. Topics covered were the verbal SAT, the college application essay (students left with a draft they can use), and the college application process overall.