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Seton Hall University

Provost Office Staff

Erik Lillquist, J.D.Erik Lillquist, J.D.
Interim Provost and Executive Vice President
(973) 761-9655
[email protected]

Leads the Academic Affairs areas of the University. Activities include strategic, operational and resource planning for the University Schools and Colleges, in alignment with the University Strategic plan and in collaborations with the Deans and key university stakeholders. He is responsible for academic resources management, faculty hiring, development and professional success; academic programs quality; research and innovation activities; academic policies and processes; partnership development locally, nationally and internationally.   

Associate Provosts

Dean John BuschmanJohn Buschman, D.L.S.
Associate Provost for Research and Innovation and
Dean of University Libraries
(973) 761-9019
[email protected]

Oversees the Office of Grants and Research Services with a focus on achieving higher grants and research outcomes and deploying the affordances of technology for efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in pursuit of grant support. Promotes partnerships with Deans and outside agencies for the same goal.  Undertakes other initiatives to promote faculty accomplishments.

Christopher Cuccia, Ed.D.Christopher Cuccia, Ed.D.
Associate Provost for Academic and Graduate Affairs
Presidents Hall
(973) 761-7554
[email protected]

Christopher Cuccia is the Associate Provost for Academic and Graduate Affairs and Institutional Research. From the outset of his tenure with the University in November of 2014, he has contributed to promoting the operational efficiency, compliance and reporting infrastructures in the Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President. Presently, he heads the Office of Graduate Affairs. In this capacity, he ultimately oversees all aspects of graduate application processing and systems administration, spearheads graduate analyses and reporting and collaborates with the faculty on the conceptualization and development of new programs. In addition, he provides strategic leadership and direction to the Offices of Institutional Research and International Programs and leads or contributes to a variety of other projects and committees within Academic Affairs.

Kurt RotthoffKurt W. Rotthoff, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Provost for Strategy and Finance
Presidents Hall 117 
(973) 761-9102
[email protected]

Kurt W. Rotthoff is the Interim Associate Provost for Strategy and Finance. In that role, he focuses on academic administration in the areas of University policy, budget and finance, human resources, and long-term strategies. Dr. Rotthoff provides financial and budgetary oversight for all of the centers and units that report through the Provost's Office, including all of the Colleges and Schools of the University. He also coordinates with the Department of Human Resources on employment policies and personnel matters for all academic areas, and he works with the College and Schools of the University in assessing their hiring needs and coordinating their faculty hiring. Dr. Rotthoff focuses on using data-driven outcomes to assess projects for the strategic use of university resources.

Assistant Provosts

Mary Kate Naatus, Ph.D.Mary Kate Naatus, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost and Dean of Continuing and Professional Education
(973) 275-3577
[email protected]

Mary Kate Naatus is responsible for the development and implementation of the vision for Continuing Education, including the expansion of online programming, development of programmatic offerings, creation of strategic domestic and international partnerships and optimization of summer offerings.

Christine M. Yarwood, M.B.A.Sona Patel, Ph.D.
Interim Assistant Provost of Academic Excellence and Assessment
(973) 313 -6081
[email protected]

Sona Patel leads various strategic initiatives to promote academic excellence and continuous improvement across our university community. Academic excellence, under her guidance, embodies the pursuit of exceptional educational experiences, meaningful student learning outcomes and the development of innovative and impactful research. She collaborates with faculty to address challenges, recognize excellence and facilitate effective communication, ensuring that academic excellence is not just a goal, but a tangible outcome achieved through diligent assessment and evidence-based decision-making. As a key member of the Middle States Steering Committee, she also plays an instrumental role in the university's accreditation process.

Special Advisors to the Provost

Kurt RotthoffJamie Pukl-Werbel, J.D.
Special Advisor to the Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
Presidents Hall 321
[email protected]

Jamie Pukl-Werbel leads various strategic initiatives to promote academic policy and procedures across the university. Jamie works with members of the Academic Affairs team on branding, shaping, and communicating the vision and message of the Provost’s Office; and works with the Faculty Senate and members of the Academic Affairs team on the faculty guide project. Additionally, she assists in drafting responses on matters of academic policy, procedure, resolutions of the faculty senate, and grievance appeals. Jamie is also the Assistant Dean of Experiential Education at Seton Hall University School of Law.


Anna Calka, Ph.D.Anna Calka, Ph.D.
Director of Advising and Technology Integration
(973) 313-6314
[email protected]

The Director of Advising and Technology Integration manages institutional efforts to promote student success, retention and persistence to graduation. Specifically, managing the implementation and utilization of new advising software, catalogue curriculum change process in coordination with student services.

Image of Caryn GrabowskiCaryn Grabowski, M.S., CCC-SLP, BCS-S
Director of Experiential Learning
(973) 275-4818
[email protected]

The Director of Experiential Learning drives the expansion and advances the quality of experiential learning opportunities in alignment with the strategic plan and mission. In these efforts, the Director collaborates with the Center for Faculty Development, Office of International Programs, Office of Grants and Research Services, the Career Center and members of the Schools and Colleges to help create, implement, improve and publicize experiential learning endeavors across the University.


Christine M. Yarwood, M.B.A.Kaerielle Larsen, M.B.A.
Special Projects Coordinator
(973) 761-9205
[email protected]

The Special Projects Coordinator plays a pivotal role in planning, managing, and enhancing a diverse array of programs, projects, and events that support academic initiatives. She collaborates closely with the Director of Advising and Technology Integration, overseeing administrative responsibilities for essential platforms such as CourseLeaf and Faculty Success. In addition, she works in partnership with the Interim Assistant Provost of Academic Excellence and Assessment, contributing to the facilitation of the Academies initiative and ensuring the university's academic assessment processes remain robust and effective.