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Full Latino/Latina Studies Program Overview

The major and minor in Latin American and Latino/Latina Studies (LALS) at Seton Hall University allow students an interdisciplinary path to study the diversity of Latin American and Latino culture from several angles while mastering essential skills needed in the business world.

Students study the Spanish language as well as take courses that explore the breadth and depth of a rich and varied cultural heritage and history of a population whose presence is increasingly being felt throughout the United States. This major is designed to offer students both the analytical and writing skills they need to perform in the business world and the cultural knowledge to better understand our society and be an asset to any business whose focus is Latino or Latin American culture.

A Unique Approach

LALS majors hone their Spanish language skills and tackle serious contemporary issues facing both the United States and Latin America such as globalization, immigration, minority rights, equality, social justice, questions of cultural hegemony and the defense/development of minority cultures and languages. The analytical skills developed in these courses provide students with an excellent preparation for work in any field that engages with Latin American or Latino populations and cultures such as in diplomacy, social work, Latin American and Latino media and cultural institutions and non-governmental aid agencies.

Who Should Apply?

The Latin American and Latino/Latina Studies (LALS) major and minor bring together faculty from several different departments in an interdisciplinary program centered on the history and contemporary realities of diverse and growing Latino and Latin American populations. The Program includes courses on Latin American culture, history, politics, sociology, literature and religion as well as those of Latinos living in the United States.

Our affiliated faculty members are engaged in exciting research which covers the breadth of Latin American and Latino/Latina Studies. The diverse courses we offer are designed not only to provide students with the necessary skills to produce scholarly work relating to the field, but also to allow for greater understanding of a complex reality by encouraging a multiplicity of angles from which to approach it.

The program benefits tremendously from our close association with the Joseph A Unanue Latino Institute, which organizes cultural and scholarly activities and talks throughout the year.

The Program

The program in Latin American and Latino/Latina Studies (LALS) builds from a core of Spanish language, Latin American history and politics, as well as courses that focus on different aspects of Latin American and Latino culture. LALS majors may take relevant electives in philosophy, anthropology, history, religion, politics and sociology which have been designed to explore both Latin American cultural paradigms and Latino immigration and culture in the United States. Students may also take courses designed specifically for bilingual/heritage speakers as well as business Spanish and English/Spanish translation.

To talk to a faculty adviser, contact the chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.