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College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Programs  

The College of Arts and Sciences offers programs of study leading to the degrees Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Healthcare Administration, Master of Public Administration and Doctor of Philosophy. 

Through its core courses, the College of Arts and Sciences provides students with a foundation in the liberal arts and training in essential skills such as writing and logic; through its majors and minors, the College prepares students for professional careers or graduate education. A vibrant and dynamic community of learners, the College of Arts and Sciences has foundational roots in a rich intellectual tradition rooted in the liberal arts, is served by a committed and nationally recognized faculty, and offers courses and programs which provide students with multiple pathways to success.


The College offers minor programs in the arts and humanities, social sciences and sciences. Read more about the College of Arts and Sciences minors »

Interdisciplinary Minor, Certificate and Other Special Programs

Accelerated Degrees and Dual Degree Programs

The College offers many accelerated (undergraduate/graduate) degree programs and two undergraduate dual degree programs.  Read more about Accelerated Degrees and Dual Degree Programs »

Certificate Programs

Special Academic Initiatives

Special programs and services enhance the academic learning experience for our students. These initiatives include advising programs, an annual exposition highlighting student scholarship as well as a program for current high school students to accelerate their college career. Proceed to the complete listing »