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College of Arts and Sciences

LLC Programs of Study

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures houses a robust body of programs that deliver intensive and comprehensive study in exactly what the department’s name suggests. Students can choose from 10 foreign languages toward the fulfillment of their Core language requirement or simply out of a love of language learning and all the personal and professional benefits proficiency in other languages offers.

Those more intent on making a career out of their interest in languages, literatures, and/or cultures can pursue a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees or interdisciplinary certificates that synthesize topics of religion; philosophy; mythology; politics; history; drama and film; art and architecture; ideas about class, race, and gender; and much more. Students can augment their chosen avenues of study with advanced interdisciplinary courses that cross list with Archaeology, Catholic Studies, English, History, Political Science, Religion, and Women's Studies.

Explore all the programs the LLC has to offer: