College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Integrity Policy

I. Statement 

Academic integrity is a fundamental responsibility of all students. An integral part of academic integrity is honesty and the freedom to express oneself without using the work of someone else and calling it one's own.

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures will not tolerate any form of academic dishonesty. Infractions will be appropriately penalized; students should understand that suspension or expulsion from the University is a possible result.

II. Definitions

"Academic Dishonesty" includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

Cheating - Cheating is the inappropriate and unacknowledged use of materials, information, study aids, or any written or verbal material. This includes students using another person's work and claiming it as their own, whether on tests or on other course assignments. Cheating can take the form of use of cell phones or other electronic devices to convey information via text messaging, picture taking, or conversing electronically while taking tests or exams.

Plagiarism - Plagiarism includes:
  • Copying of text/research/assignments; 
  • Using someone else's papers/research/assignments without permission and citation; 
  • Representing as one's own work what is really the work of another person. In order to prevent plagiarism every direct quotation must be properly identified and cited in the paper, using footnotes to properly cite another person's work. Paraphrasing should have a reference to the original author in the text and be referenced at the end of the student's paper. This applies to all sources, including those found online.  

Facilitating Academic Dishonesty - Students who knowingly allow their work to be used by other students also violate this academic integrity policy.  

III. Penalties

  • A student determined to be cheating on any test or who plagiarizes on a course assignment will be appropriately penalized at the discretion of the instructor. This may include receiving a zero on the assignment or "F" for the course. 
  • Notice that a student has cheated or plagiarized will be sent to the department of the student's major. All cases of plagiarism resulting in an "F" for the course will be reported to the Dean. This can result in a recommendation to the Dean for suspension or expulsion from the university. 
  • If a LLC major or minor has been found to have committed acts of academic dishonesty in more than one course, the student will be expelled from the major or minor program. After one year, the student may apply to the department Chair to rescind the expulsion. The student must demonstrate to the Chair's satisfaction that he/ she has made a genuine, informed, and vigorous commitment to academic integrity. 
  • All department or instructor actions resulting from suspected violations of this policy will be taken in accordance with the students' due process rights. Nothing in this policy statement shall be construed to preclude the department from taking appropriate disciplinary action against forms of academic dishonesty not stipulated here. 
Adopted May 20, 2014