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What Alumni Are Saying

Cynthia Sularz"Studying Russian and German not only gave me the language skills needed to be selected as a Fulbright Scholar but gave me the confidence to excel while living abroad. Studying languages at Seton Hall taught me how to be disciplined in my studies, speak without fear of error, and most of all, how to communicate beyond the textbook."

Cynthia Sularz '16 Fulbright, ETA in Dnipro, Ukraine

Adela Perez-franco"My Italian language studies at Seton Hall University not only taught me how to communicate with a wider range of people, but have also expanded my worldview and enhanced my cultural sensitivity. As a future attorney, I believe that the cultural competency, which I developed through my language studies, will help me create effective working relationships with clients from culturally diverse backgrounds and adequately address their needs."

Adela Perez-Franco '16 Major in the School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Minor in Italian, Fulbright, ETA 2016-2017

Dominique Fortes"My Chinese language instructors, Professor Chen and Professor Fellows, played a huge role in increasing my interest in the language and are a large part of the reason why I am continuing to study Chinese even after graduation. It is because of them that I ended up deciding to accept a Fulbright ETA position in Taiwan, where I am teaching English for a year, while also studying Chinese."

Dominique A Fortes '17 Fullbright ETA. Major in Accounting, Minor in Asian Studies

Lejla Rodoncic headshot"I've learned that language is the key to bridging the gap between cultures and in turn this became the catalyst to my interest in becoming a Fulbright scholar in Turkey. The impact it has made in my life is unquantifiable, it has taken me all around the world; I've come to utilize these experiences in my career as a journalist for CBS' 60 Minutes to National Geographic, or what I'd like to think of as a diplomat in communications, at a time when it's most important to understand and accept each other."

Lejla Radoncic, '12 Major in the School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Minor in Russian and Eastern European Studies Fulbright ETA, Turkey 2013-2014

Eric Lavin pointing to Italy on a map."The ability to speak more than one language in this global society enables growth both at the personal and professional level. Only through speaking another language one can view the world from a different lens. I was hired in my district because I have two certifications and I am the only one in the district that is able to teach both languages. I teach Spanish and Italian at James Caldwell High School in West Caldwell, NJ."

Eric Lavin '17 Co-Major in the School of Education and Italian

Michael Brown headshot"Ciao a tutti! Currently, I am based in Milan, Italy where I work for the American fashion brand, Theory. As a Sales Coordinator for Southern Europe and the UK, my role requires me to engage daily with clients in the Italian language, while also demonstrating a strong understanding of the economic and political landscapes of the country when managing our wholesale partnerships in the region."

Michael Brown '13 Double Major in the School of Diplomacy and International Relations and in Modern Languages (Italian and Chinese)

Francesca Regalado headshot."I work as a reporter for a Japanese newspaper. I always cross-reference readouts from the White House or State Department with readouts from the Kremlin and MID, then translate them into English for my colleagues. Speaking Russian has also helped me make connections with the foreign press at the State Department. A reporter from Channel One Russia whom I met today told me that my Russian is отлично (excellent)."

Francesca Recalgado '17 Double Major in School of Diplomacy and International Relations and in Modern Languages (Russian and Chinese), Minor in Economics and Asian Studies

Devin Abbott headshot"The mentorship and guidance I received allowed me to achieve my goals immediately after graduation. With the help of my Italian professors at Seton Hall, I was accepted into a program to teach English in Milan, Italy for one year after graduation. This opportunity opened the door for me to then serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer, which is my current position."

Devin Abbot '16 Major in the School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Minors in Economics and Italian