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College of Arts and Sciences
Professor Kuchta

Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

About the LLC

The mission of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLC) is to provide students the opportunity to develop foreign language competence and to acquire a global perspective and an understanding of the literary, cultural, and intellectual achievements of ancient and modern civilizations. We deliver language instruction aimed at expanding students’ proficiency and culture courses taught in both the target language and English. Students can further develop their skills by participating in various study abroad opportunities, student organizations, honor societies, and cultural events that we host throughout the year. The department houses a diverse faculty whose academic research interests cover an extensive breadth of ancient and modern foreign cultures and literatures. The LLC is supported by the Global Learning Center, which manages the language placement tests, coordinates tutoring services, provides language study resources for students, and more

Our Course Offerings

Students can pursue a variety of degrees and certifications in both language and cultural study. Language classes include Ancient Greek, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, and Russian. These and the advanced courses synthesize topics of religion; philosophy; mythology; politics; history; drama and film; art and architecture; ideas about class, race, and gender; and more. Many of the advanced courses are interdisciplinary and cross list with Archaeology, Catholic Studies, English, History, Political Science, Religion, and Women's Studies. View all of the LLC's academic program offerings.

Our Faculty

The LLC faculty comprise a rich and diverse range of intellectual talent from around the world. Our faculty is devoted to excellence in research and instruction as well as to fostering supportive teacher/student relationships. The diversity of our instructors reflects the LLC’s commitment both to first-rate language instruction and to exposing students to many cultures and peoples in order to nurture their global mindfulness and understanding of cultural and literary traditions around the world. Academically, our faculty play key roles in the University Honors Program as well as cross-disciplinary programs in Asian Studies, Italian Studies, Russian and East European Studies, Middle Eastern and North African Studies, and Latin American and Latino/Latina Studies. Meet our faculty