Seton Hall University

Time and Attendance FAQ

Administrators and Librarians - Leave Report

  • As an approver, can I delegate approving authority to another person in my office? Leave Reports allows approvers to set up Proxies to approve on their behalf.  Instructions can be found here.
  • As a supervisor, can I enter time in Leave Reports on behalf of my employee? Faculty, Administrators, Librarians, Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Assistants paid monthly are required to submit their Leave Report. Once it is submitted, managers can return for correction or make changes directly on the Leave Report before approving.
  • If your employee is unable to submit a leave report, contact HRIS to have it routed to you for changes.
  • How are Administrators on the Bi-Weekly payroll impacted? Administrators paid on the biweekly payroll (Non-Exempt Administrators) should use TimeClock Plus to record their attendance.
  • What are the deadlines for Leave Reports? Faculty, Administrators, Librarians, Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Assistants must submit their Leave Report and Supervisors must approve between the 25th of the current month to the 5th of the following month. 
  • Do employees need to submit a leave report even if they didn't take any time? Yes, Faculty, Administrators, Librarians, Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Assistants paid monthly should submit a leave report each month.
  • How do I track Bereavement Leave & Jury Duty in  Leave Reports? Leave Reports is used to track any leave type for which an employee has a balance (Vacation, Sick, and Volunteer). 
    • For Bereavement Leave, employees should work with their supervisor, in accordance with the Employee Handbook.
    • For Jury Duty, employees should work with their supervisor, in accordance with the Employee Handbook. Documentation is required for time away for jury duty. 

Bi-Weekly Employees - Time Clock Plus


  • How do I request time off in Time Clock Plus? Instructions for requesting time off in TimeClock Plus can be found here.
  • Step by Step instructions for entering time in Time Clock Plus can be found here.
  • When should I submit my Time Clock Plus timecard? Employees paid on the Bi-weekly payroll should submit their timecard on the last day of the pay period (Thursday) so that their supervisor can review prior to final approval.
  • I've entered my time in Time Clock Plus - How and when do I get paid? Once your time has been recorded in Time Clock Plus and approved by your manager within the published deadlines you will be paid on the next scheduled pay date.
  • Will University holidays automatically be populated on my Time Clock Plus timecard or should I enter them? University Holidays will automatically be populated on your Time Clock Plus timecard based on the University Holiday schedule.
  • Can my supervisor make changes to my Time Clock Plus timecard? Yes. Your supervisor can make changes to your timecard even after you've submitted.
  • What happens if my manager is not available to approve my Time Clock Plus timecard? The next level manager can approve it. If you are unsure of your next level manager, please refer to the University Organization Chart (you must be on the campus network view the Org Chart or view through AWS). If the next level manager is unavailable please contact HRIS.


  • Why am I getting an error message when trying to log into TimeClock Plus? There are different ways for employees and supervisors to log in. Confirm you are using the PirateNet App for Managers, not Non-Managers. 
  • Can I approve as a proxy/delegate for another manager? Managers can approve their employees and those 2 levels below in hierarchy. Currently, the delegate/proxy feature is not fully enabled. For assistance, contact Human Resource Information Systems.
  • What are my log in credentials? It asks for “External ID.” Time Clock Plus login credentials are the same as your PirateNet Login credentials. External ID is your shortname/PirateNet Username.
  • On Time Clock Plus, what is the difference between “OT1” and “OT2”? OT1 is overtime at time and a half (1.5 times the normal hourly rate). OT2 is overtime paid at double the normal hourly rate.
  • Why are the dates for the default pay period incorrect? Ensure that the pay period option drop down reflects the correct dates.  Select ‘Last Period’ if you are approving on the Friday after pay period close and ‘This Period’ if you are approving on or before the pay period close date.  (Thursday).
  • See the below steps to set a default pay period in Time Clock Plus:
    • Click on ‘Hours’ and then ‘Individual Hours’
    • S6
    • Click 'Options.'
    • S7
    • Set the Default Pay Period. (It is also suggested you set the other defaults listed in the screenshot below):
    • S8
    • Click 'Apply' to save the changes.  (Note:  The changes will take effect the next time you log into Time Clock Plus)
  • As a supervisor am I required to approve my employee's Time Clock Plus timecard? Yes. Supervisors must approve their employees Time Clock Plus timecard on or before the published deadline in order for the employee to be paid. Supervisors also have the ability to edit and update the timecard before approving.
  • Who can make changes to an employee's Time Clock Plus timecard?
    • An employee can update the Time Clock Plus timecard before it is approved by their supervisor.
    • The supervisor can also update the Time Clock Plus timecard before approving.
  • If a supervisor has already approved an employee's Time Clock Plus timecard they can update it by first removing their approval.