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Seton Hall University

Performance Management

Performance management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization.  The communication process includes clarifying expectations, setting objectives, identifying goals, providing feedback and reviewing results.

Performance Management includes developing accurate, well-written job descriptions, clearly communicated performance standards, and consistent, ongoing coaching and feedback sessions designed to encourage high levels of performance.

Through performance coaching, supervisors help employees develop their skills by providing feedback regarding quantity and quality of work.  Supervisors and employees discuss challenges faced as well as accomplishments attained.

Performance appraisal is the tool utilized to quantify and assess an employee's individual contribution to the University during a specified period of time.

The performance appraisal system provides an opportunity for an objective dialogue between the employee and the supervisor about the individual's work performance. Performance appraisals for every non-faculty employee are required annually.

Performance Appraisal Policies


The process of setting goals, coaching an employee to high levels of performance and annually appraising an employee's performance are all part of one's ongoing professional development.  Through e-Appraisal, these processes are automated and streamlined, providing more time for the employee and supervisor to spend having the performance coaching conversations designed to provide honest feedback and maintain open lines of communication.

e-Appraisal offers processes to annually conduct goal-setting and performance appraisal meetings with employees.

While self-appraisals are optional, they are recommended, as they enable the employee to reflect on their performance during the course of the performance period - professional development goals, accomplishments, completed projects as well as committee work all contribute to one's annual appraisal.

The automated process enables all parties - the employee, the supervisor, and approvers to each play a role in the setting of goals and appraising of performance annually.  Each member plays a significant role in contributing to Seton Hall University's goals.

e-Appraisals are launched annually during the close of the fiscal and academic year (May-July).

Employees and Supervisors are asked to reflect on the past year - what went well and what could be improved; what goals were attained and what goals may need to carry into the upcoming performance period.

Vice Presidents are asked to reflect on the past year's divisional goals as well as set new divisional goals for the upcoming academic/fiscal year.  Once set, they are asked to provide their direct reports with the goals as well as the performance standards for attaining the goals. 

Development plans and Improvement plans are also part of the annual performance process. 

Access the e-Appraisal System through PirateNet - VPN account required for off-campus access.