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Seton Hall University

Employee Handbook

Download the Full Employee Handbook (PDF)

Important Notices and Handbook Disclaimer

The Seton Hall University Administrator & Staff Employee Handbook (the “handbook”) has been prepared to inform you of the University’s philosophy, employment practices, programs and policies, as well as the benefits provided to you as a valued employee. The terms “Seton Hall University,” “Seton Hall” and “University” are used interchangeably throughout this handbook.


All full-time and part-time staff and administrative employees are responsible for becoming familiar with each of the provisions of this handbook.  Seton Hall employees are expected to conduct themselves with integrity and comply with the University’s practices and policies.  The provisions of this handbook shall apply to all non-faculty employees. Faculty members should refer to the Faculty Guide, as well as applicable University policies, programs and benefits.  While temporary employees and student workers must abide by all University standards of conduct and policies, they are not entitled to all the same benefits, rights and privileges of full-time staff and administrative employees.

It is important to note the following:

  • Seton Hall, at its discretion, may change, delete, suspend or discontinue any part or parts of its policies at any time and without prior notice.
  • No part of this handbook constitutes a contract, express or implied, between any employee and the University.  This handbook does not override the At Will Employment policy ( or guarantee employment for any specific period of time.
  • Any such policies shall apply to existing as well as to future employees.
  • No statement or promise by a supervisor, manager or department head, past or present, may be interpreted as a change in policy, nor will it constitute an agreement with an employee.

Should any policy provision be found unenforceable and invalid, such finding does not invalidate the remainder of the policy or this handbook, but only that particular provision.


The University’s policies website is the official repository for all University, divisional, school, college and departmental policies currently in effect. Additional information can be obtained from Human Resources. Under certain circumstances, the University may determine that it is appropriate to make exceptions to some of the policies referenced in this handbook on a case-by-case basis.  In the event an exception to a policy is made in a particular circumstance, the University is not required to make the same exception again.


Certain employees may be subject to the terms of a collective bargaining agreement.  The terms of such collective bargaining agreement supersede the University policy provisions, but only to the extent that the matter is covered by the express terms of the written contract.  Otherwise, the terms of the University’s policies shall prevail.


The information provided in this handbook does not cover every situation and is not intended to replace policies, actual benefit plan documents or collective bargaining agreements. Any material presented in this handbook that is found to be inconsistent with benefit plan documents, collective bargaining agreements, the policies contained on Seton Hall University’s policies website and /or the law, will be superseded by the applicable benefit plan documents, contracts, the policies contained on Seton Hall University’s policies website and/or law.


The University reserves the right to administer and apply all policies, programs and benefits in a manner consistent with its Catholic educational mission and the teachings of the Catholic Church.


This handbook has been prepared by the Department of Human Resources, located at the Martin House, 366 South Orange Avenue and the corner of Ward Place, South Orange, New Jersey 07979, (973) 761-9177. For any questions concerning any provision of this handbook, contact Human Resources.