Seton Hall University

Fire and Safety Regulations

For complete Fire Safety Policies and Procedures, or for related inquiries, please refer to the University Safety Policy.

Or contact the Compliance Office, Monday through Friday, from 8:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. at (973) 275-2537.

The University is committed to providing students, staff, faculty, residents and guests with a safe environment to learn, live and work. All fire safety policies and procedures must be  strictly followed. Failure to do so may jeopardize the safety and well being of the university community.

Public Safety has primary responsibility for managing fire emergencies and must be notified immediately of such situations at their emergency number. Immediately call 911, (973) 761-9300 or extension 9300 from a courtesy phone.

Special Events

At certain times of the year, special events may be held at the University, which require special attention. Special events are defined as those that contain more than 50 attendees. In particular, events that bring a group of visitors or guests to campus are the main concern. 

The following procedures should be heeded for all special events.

  • During the planning and/or scheduling phase, the department or group sponsoring the event must make Public Safety and Security and the building Fire Warden aware of their plans. Public Safety will make subsequent notification to the fire department.
  • Information such as the type of event, number of guests and any special hazards, conditions or requirements should be communicated to Public Safety.

Prior to the event, the department or group should check the facility for the following:

  • All egress doors, hallways and stairs are clear of any and all storage or debris.
  • Check for all non-approved items (outlined above).
  • Make sure no doors are being propped open with doorstops or other items.
  • Any hazardous conditions, i.e. broken outlets, open electrical boxes, etc.

At the time of the event, prior to either the presentation or the activity-taking place, a representative of the sponsoring department should address the group and review the following:

  1. State to the group, "Upon activation of a fire alarm, immediate evacuation to the closest exit is required."
  2. Review with the group the location of the nearest exit(s) or stairwell
  3. State to the group, "The use of the elevators is prohibited during an alarm."
  4. Review with the group the collection area for the building.
  5. State to the group, "Once outside the building, everyone must proceed to the collection area and wait there until an "all-clear" is given by the fire department prior to re-entry."