Seton Hall University

Getting Assistance from Facilities & Engineering

The Department Facilities & Engineering may be required to support an event for electrical, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, carpentry, grounds or moving purposes. This department needs four weeks advanced notice for any major request. The office hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. After hours call their direct line and follow instructions from the answering machine. In case of emergency and after office hours contact the Boiler Room at (973) 761-9378.

Vendors must follow Seton Hall University guidelines to minimize the potential damage to the landscape and facilities. If a vendor is found to be negligent, they will be billed for any repairs.

Please be advised that by contractual agreement with the International Union of Operating Engineers, all maintenance work that must be performed on University buildings and within offices must be completed and maintained by members of Local 68. Under no circumstances are outside vendors, trades people, workers, or consultants permitted to perform work without prior consultation with and the permission of the Physical Plant/Facilities Engineering. Any charges, fees or penalties that accrue as a result of a violation of this provision will be the responsibility of the department(s) involved. Questions about requests for maintenance should be referred to Facilities Engineering at [email protected].

When to Contact Facilities Engineering

  • When electric service is above what is normal in that area. If a generator is needed there is an additional charge of approximately $500, depending upon the size of the generator required. NOTE: Outside electricians (or other personnel) are not allowed to tie into Seton Hall University’s electrical panels or perform work on any Seton Hall University equipment.
  • When there are multiple tables or booths that need power.
  • When the event requires stand by support for electrical, sound, lighting, plumbing, or air conditioning requirements.
  • When an event is scheduled that will require the use of the lawn areas.
  • When an event requires a number of trash disposals.
  • When your event requires a podium to be moved into the event space
  • When your event requires any directional signage to be placed around campus. (event host is responsible for creating the signage)
  • When an event is being held on one of the lawn areas and you want the grass cut ahead of time.

Facilities Engineering charges will include a per hour/per person rate for their services, plus the cost of specific materials purchased for the function and/or any materials needed for repairs. Please contact the Facilities Engineering office directly to coordinate their assistance and to determine costs.

To Hang a Banner

In order to hang a banner inside or outside of any building or structure at Seton Hall University, the Department of Facilities Engineering must be contacted. The requestor may incur labor charges and the cost of materials used to hang the banner.

Department of Facilities & Engineering Office 
Phone: (973) 761-9454    
Fax: (973) 761-9787