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Seton Hall University
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Divisional Professional Development Monthly Series

The Division of Student Services is committed to continuous professional development for our staff and administrators. This year’s theme is ‘Trends in Higher Education’ where we meet monthly to discuss various important topics. Additionally, we hold monthly Deans & Directors and Emerging Mid-Level Professional Development meetings to ensure we are all engaging and connecting to best serve the needs of our students.

  • September: Understanding Gen Z: “What’s the word? Current Gen Z Terms & Lingo” - Presenters: Alyssa Beyer, Samantha DeMarse, and Emma Murphy
  • October: Inclusive Leadership: “How Can I Be a More Inclusive Leader?”- Presenter: Dr. Cassandra Graham
  • November: Catholic Identity: “Principles of Good Practice for Student Affairs at Catholic Colleges and Universities” - Presenter(s): Dr. Nicole Giglia, Anthony Turon, Kendra Sherman, Fr. Nick Sertich
  • December: Safety: “Consideration for an All-Hazards approach to dangerous situations and Active Threats”- Presenter: Barry Eck
  • January:  Technology: “Making AI Work for You”- Presenter(s): Paul Fisher, Chief Information Officer & Dean Karen Van Norman
  • February: Mental Health: “Building a Psychologically Healthy Workplace”- Presenter: Dr. Dianne Aguero-Trotter & CAPS Staff
  • March: Disabling Ableism: “Understanding the Student Disability Experience”- Presenter: Dr. Carolyn Corbran and DSS Staff
  • April: “Emerging Trends within Latinx and Black/African American Students in Higher Education”- Presenter(s): Jose Rodas, Akirah Fenimore, Shadlyne St. Fleur, Guilio Reyes, and Myles Douglas
  • May: End of Year Celebration 

Additional Opportunities for Professional Development:

Interested in continuing your personal professional development journey? Check a book out in our leadership library! 

Connecting with a colleague(s)? Check out a new opportunity for a divisional lunch request!