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Seton Hall University

Quick Start Guide for COMPASS

Seton Hall University is proud to introduce the new COMPASS platform for faculty and advisors, a convenient way to alert and support students. Faculty can provide students with instant, positive feedback, identify students who need extra support, and seamlessly engage students with campus resources. COMPASS helps Seton Hall students succeed!

Perform these Key Actions to Identify, Communicate with, and Support your Students

For Faculty

  • Issue an Alert - When you have a concern about a student, or wish to send encouragement, raise an alert to communicate your observations.
  • Record Attendance – Use Compass to track course attendance in a secure, central place.
  • Respond to Progress Report Campaigns – Alerts and positive feedback can be raised by submitting a progress report. You will receive an email reminder when there is a new progress report to complete.

For Faculty Advisors

  • Set Up Your Availability - Set up meeting times and designate office hours to indicate your availability by using the ‘Add Time’ option.
  • Review a Student’s Profile –Click on your Students’ name to note their academic progress and any areas of concern recorded in their profile.
  • Mass Email a Group of Students – To reach out to some or all of your assigned advisees, use ‘Send a Message’ from the ‘Actions’ drop-down list.
  • Respond to Progress Report Campaigns – Record your interactions and notes from student meetings by adding an Advising Summary Report or a Note - both are accomplished through the ‘Actions’ menu on your Advisor home page.

How to login to Compass:

  • Open Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Go to
  • Click on PirateNet
  • Type in your credentials
  • Click on the COMPASS icon
  • Hover over the left hand “Menu” bar for options

Additional information for Faculty and Advisors can be found here.