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Seton Hall University

Mission, Vision and Goals

Our Values

As the Division of Student Services, we value:
  • Our institution’s Catholic tradition
  • Our students and their success in every area of their lives
  • Our diverse and supportive community
  • Our continual drive for excellence and professional growth

Our Mission

As stewards of Seton Hall University, the members of the Division of Student Services enhance and support the holistic development of our students by providing them with a dynamic educational environment. All that we do is informed by the best professional practices, the latest technological advances, and the values of the Catholic tradition. Our work with students is intentionally designed to foster excellence in academics, as well as spiritual and personal growth, so that all are empowered to reach their full potential as servant leaders.

Our Vision

Seton Hall University’s Division of Student Services is the recognized model for creating a culture of success and excellence in the student experience by providing opportunities for our students to develop the necessary skills to become responsible and compassionate global citizens who serve as they lead.