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Group photo of the 2019 SGA Eboard.

Student Organizations

Welcome to the new R25 Live! These new features make it easier for you get involved and submit your Event Request Form (program proposals/room reservations! We are looking forward to working with you this year!

Before you submit an Event Request, Have you ….

  1. Brainstormed all ides for a unique event?
  2. Discussed this idea with your advisor?
  3. Thought about your budget and planned out the financial details?
  4. Designed a plan for marketing and advertising the event?
  5. Discussed multiple location options for the event?

Now you're ready to complete an Event Request Form!

Timeline for submitting event request forms:

  • Small Scale Events(i.e., general meeting, informal gathering that require no funds/space): Two week minimum for submission
  • Large Scale Events (i.e., parties, outside performance/speakers, concerts and outdoor events etc.): These events require more time for approval and should be submitted between two-six months in advance.

Please refer to the Student Government Association for more details on when Event Request Approval Meetings take place.

Please be aware that once the form is submitted the event is considered in “draft” mode until the event has been approved and the space has been confirmed.  Once the Event Request has been reviewed, your club/organization will receive an email along with any additional information you may need to know about your event.

For additional questions please reach out to the SGA Secretary ([email protected]).

Best of luck with your event!