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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 25Live?
25Live is Seton Hall's web-based event publishing, calendaring, and scheduling solution. Built on the latest Web 2.0 technologies and standards, community concepts, and data sharing capabilities, 25Live enables users to view event information and request the use of University space 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer with internet capability.

Who can use 25Live?
25Live can be viewed by anyone who visits the URL. The default view allows visitors to view basic event information. Access to advance functionality; including requesting the use of University space and resources is only available after logging into the system with a valid Seton Hall username and password.

Why does 25Live seem to be running so slowly?
Although many people think of it as "just another website", 25Live is a complex and full featured application that has the potential to be accessed by thousands of people at one time. Speeds can vary based on the speed of your network connection, available band with, the number of users on the system and a number of other factors.

Additionally, the data in 25Live changes almost constantly. Using the system involves searching thousands of location, resource, organization, contact and event records to deliver the most accurate information in real time. That being said, performance enhancements and adjustments are being made with every new release.

The browser used to access 25Live can also affect performance. We strongly urge all users to NOT use Microsoft Internet Explorer to access 25Live. There are known performance issues related to using IE. Please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for the best results. Safari (On Apple products) also performs well with 25Live.

Do I have to use 25Live to schedule events and request the use of University spaces or resources?
Yes, you do. 25Live is the only acceptable and recognized method for scheduling events on campus.

How does 25Live work?
25Live provides the Seton Hall community with one centralized calendar, scheduling system, and data repository for all events held at the University. The system is designed to standardize the event reservation and scheduling process for the University while allowing for flexibility in some areas scheduling practices and policies.

Can you do this for me? I can't use 25Live.
The Reservation Center does not make proxy requests for 25Live users. However, we do offer one-on-one assistance, telephone support, and periodic training workshops for schedulers and users. Please contact Reservation Center at (973) 275-2906 or e-mail [email protected] for more information.

Can I reserve a residence hall lounge on 25Live?
Not at this time. For the residence halls please contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life. For the recreation center please contact the Athletic Department's Facilities & Operations staff. 

What do the green and beige bars mean in the availability grid?
The green and beige bars represent approved events in a location. Green bars represent an event in the space listed while beige bars represent an event in one of the subdivisions of a larger room or a related space. Both green and beige bars are indications that the location is not available.

I know an event is taking place but I don't see it in "What's happening today?" Why?
The "What's Happening Today?" box on the 25Live dashboard displays events based on the searches in the "Showing:" drop down box located above the list of events. Try selecting a different search. If the event still doesn't show, contact Reservation Center at (973) 275-2906 or e-mail [email protected] for assistance.

I found an available space using the availability grid, but 25Live told me that I am not allowed to schedule events. Why?
Users who receive this message are typically not signed into 25Live. Please click the "Log into 25Live" link at the top of the page and sign in with you SHU username and password.

When I log into 25 Live, What's Happening Today, Workflow, and Event Drafts continue to load?
The security settings related to your user account may need to be adjusted. Please contact Reservation Center at (973) 275-2906 or e-mail [email protected] for assistance.

Why can't I request something even when 25Live says it's available?
This is typically encountered when users select an event time outside of the location's normal Open/Close hours. Try adjusting the event times of the event to a time within the open/close hours. If an exception to the open/close hours is required for an overnight event or other special circumstances, contact Reservation Center at (973) 275-2906 or e-mail [email protected] after the event is submitted for information on next steps.

I'm using 25 Live on Firefox but every time I input something, the screen jumps to the top of the page. Why?
This is typically related to using an old version of Mozilla Firefox. Please download and install the most up-to-date version of Firefox.

Why does the name of my event start with "Copy of"?
The ability to copy events in 25Live is a great feature, but users need to remember to adjust the name of the copied event prior to saving it. Users should also know that the dates and any location and resource assignments from the original are not retained in the event copy.

If the event has already been saved, open up the event and edit the Event Name field. After the change is completed, save the event.

Why doesn't my event show up on the calendar immediately after I put the request in?
Only approved events are displayed on the Location's Availability Grid in 25Live. The event will appear on the 25Live calendar after the assignment request is approved by the space scheduler.

How long do I have to wait for a confirmation? I put a request in last week and haven't heard anything back.
Schedulers are expected to act on requests and communicate the assignment status within 3 business days. However, spaces in the academic buildings will not be confirmed until after the add/drop period has concluded. Please contact Reservation Center at (973) 275-2906 or e-mail [email protected] if a response is not received after 3 business days.

I requested rooms in different buildings but my confirmation only has a few rooms on it? Why?
Seton Hall University's de-centralized scheduling practices create an environment where different schedulers facilitate different locations on campus. This may result in users receiving more than one confirmation for an event based on the specific locations requested. Please contact Reservation Center at (973) 275-2906 or e-mail [email protected], if all of the spaces requested are not confirmed or denied within 3 business days.

I submitted a request and it was approved. Now, I need to make a change. Can I edit an event?
Yes, you can. When the event is edited and saved a new approval will be required. Please refer to the 25Live Basics document for detailed instructions.

I need to remove one or more dates from a recurring reservation that I have scheduled. How do I do this?
Please refer to the 25Live Instructions document for detailed instructions on editing event requests. 25Live allows users to remove ad hoc repeat dates. If the date you need to remove is the first occurrence, please contact Reservation Center at (973) 275-2906 or e-mail [email protected].

Event Approvals

I approved/denied something by accident. Where's the "undo" button?
After a scheduler approves/denies a request, it cannot be undone. Schedulers should contact Reservation Center at (973) 275-2906 or e-mail [email protected] for assistance with correcting assignment errors.

How do I approve/deny requests?
When logged into 25Live, click on the "Tasks" tab. Any tasks that require action will be displayed. For more information check out the Approvals in 25Live document.