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About the Institute

There is bound to be formed a solid right that is determined to live in a world that no longer exists. There is bound to be formed a scattered left, captivated by now this, now that new development, exploring now this and now that new possibility. But what will count is a perhaps not numerous center, big enough to be at home in both the old and the new, painstaking enough to work out one by one the transitions to be made, strong enough to refuse half measures and insist on complete solutions even though it has to wait.  (Bernard Lonergan, Collection)

The Bernard J. Lonergan Institute was launched in 2006 by the Center for Catholic Studies. The Institute sponsors scholarship, programs, lectures and conferences centered around Lonergan's work. Topics include:

The mission of the Bernard J. Lonergan Institute at Seton Hall University is to make known the work of the Canadian philosopher and theologian Bernard J. Lonergan, S.J., and its implications for contemporary culture. View the full Mission Statement »

The Institute contains all of Lonergan's published works, copies of his most significant unpublished writings, doctoral dissertations on Lonergan's work, the most significant secondary literature on Lonergan and Lonergan's "memorabilia," including letters and photos on display.

The resources of the Institute are available for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate study with the approval of the Director.

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Other Ongoing Activities of the Institute

  • Program of lectures, seminars and conferences
  • The Lonergan Review
  • Research and scholarship
  • Faculty and student reading groups