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Select Interdisciplinary Bibliography

The Generalized Empirical Method (GEM) 

The Disciplines and Professions

"A framework for collaborative creativity"

This bibliography connects practitioners in the various disciplines and professions at Seton Hall University and elsewhere with their colleagues throughout the world by way of the Generalized Empirical Method (GEM) as articulated by Bernard Lonergan. The aim is to enable persons in the various sciences, scholarly disciplines and professions to focus on their own areas of expertise as these are connected to broader areas of human questioning, such as the very meaning of the particular disciplines within the whole of human questioning and knowing.   Our purpose is to link persons who have written in one area or another - the nature of the natural sciences, for example - with colleagues who are doing similar research elsewhere.

This bibliography has also been developed through collaboration with the Praxis Program of the Advanced Seminar on Mission, Center for Vocation and Servant Leadership (GEM Fellows Program). To learn more about this program, go to here.

The first section of the bibliography, General Resources contains works by or about Bernard Lonergan and the Generalized Empirical Method. The second section, Interdisciplinary Resources, contains works that link the Generalized Empirical Method with the various disciplines and professions.

Bernard Lonergan's works and general resources on the Generalized Empirical Method, such as journals, can be found in the Bernard J. Lonergan Institute at Seton Hall University, Room 429 of Walsh Library. The Institute houses general resources on GEM as well as hard copies of books and articles that link GEM with specific disciplines and professions. The physical location of these resources within the Walsh Library symbolically reaches out to the rest of Walsh Library holdings and to the whole university.

Helpful suggestions and additions to this bibliography are welcomed. Contact Msgr. Richard Liddy, [email protected].

The Select Interdisciplinary Bibliography was edited by Christine Brazeau, Graduate Assistant for the Center for Catholic Studies, 2015-2017.