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Activities of the Institute

The Bernard J. Lonergan Institute at Seton Hall University, under the direction of Msgr. Richard M. Liddy, supports research and scholarship on the work of Bernard Lonergan; publishes the Lonergan Review; and conducts faculty development programs; and ongoing lectures and conferences world-wide. Current programs include:

Current Activities

Toth/Lonergan Endowed Chair in Interdisciplinary Studies

The purpose of this Chair is to link the Catholic faith with all the disciplines and professions in the contemporary university.  Read more about the endowed chair »

Select Interdisciplinary Bibliography

The aim of this bibliography is to connect practitioners in the various disciplines and professions at Seton Hall University and elsewhere with their colleagues by way of the Generalized Empirical Method (GEM) as articulated by Bernard Lonergan. The bibliography can be found here.

Ethics and Economics Forum

The Ethics and Economics Forum is an interdisciplinary effort, sponsored by the Department of Religion, the Bernard J. Lonergan Institute and the Micah Institute for Business and Economics of the Center for Catholic Studies to bring together faculty and others for conversations on economic justice. Our aim is to convene faculty interested in this topic from various schools and departments across the university. Activities include guest speakers, book reviews, faculty presentations, among others. The Forum meets at least twice a semester for lunch and discussion.  The Ethics and Economics Forum website, provides resources for interdisciplinary study of economic justice as well as an online forum to promote discussion beyond the Forum's regular meetings.

Webinars: Lonergan on Economics

The Bernard J. Lonergan Institute is hosting a webinar series to communicate Bernard Lonergan's economic theories through bringing scholars together online. During the webinars, there will be a presentation, a response, and open discussion.

  • April 9, 2014 - "Cosmopolis and Economy: Toward a Critical Human Science of Macroeconomics"
  • May 22, 2014 - "Lonergan's Economics and the Economy of the Basque Country" by Paul Hoyt-O'Connor.  Listen to this webinar»

Lonergan Institute Faculty Development Programs

Through these programs, the Bernard J. Lonergan Institute, on its own and in collaboration with other units of the University concerned with mission and values, sponsors comprehensive faculty development. These programs provide opportunity for in depth reflection and training, scholarship and research, on topics central to the core mission of the university, through a unique approach focusing on method and specialization.

Lonergan Research Scholars

The Center sponsors faculty research scholars such as:

Past Lonergan Graduate Fellowships were awarded to support scholarship on a graduate level, for scholars preparing a thesis on Lonergan's work. 

Praxis Program

Center for Vocation and Servant Leadership: In 2008, the CVSL developed and implemented The University Seminar on Mission in response to the need for a tangible increase in identification with Seton Hall's Catholic mission by the faculty and administrators. This 7 week seminar continues to be held every semester for 14 participants. Each 2 hour session includes expert commentary on assigned readings from a senior faculty member, followed by general discussion. It has increased the participants' understanding of and commitment to the University's deepest convictions and has been positively received.

In response to the request of the alumni of the University Seminar on Mission for a program to deepen their understanding and dedication t the Catholic mission, The Advanced Seminar on Mission was offered by the CVSL in 2011. The seminar meets 5 times each semester for 2 hours each session. Entitled "The Idea of a Catholic University," it is facilitated by Msgr. Richard Liddy, Director of  The Bernard J. Lonergan Institute, and Anthony Sciglitano, Ph.D., Professor of Religion. The seminar's success prompted the program alumni to request additional mentoring on the application of the knowledge learned.

In response, the CVSL offered a pilot program in Spring 2013, co-sponsored with the CCS, aimed at the practical application of mission to the disciplines, utilizing GEM and a cohort/peer mentoring approach.

Lonergan Reading Group

Ongoing Lonergan Reading Groups for Seton Hall faculty and administrators
Meeting multiple times throughout each semester, faculty and administrators gather to discuss the writings of Bernard J. Lonergan. Learn more »


Insight into Insight: Mentoring Available
Reaching the insight into insight, and going beyond that to what Lonergan calls rational self-appropriation, can be an arduous journey. Most of us who have reached the goal have done so with the help of one or more people who have made the journey before us. Learn more about obtaining assistance in your journey

Seton Hall Health Care Forum

Trinity Health Ministry Leadership Academy
In November 2010, Seton Hall University, through the Center for Catholic Studies' Bernard J. Lonergan Institute, partnered with Catholic Health East (CHE), now Trinity Health, one of the nation's largest Catholic health care systems, to develop a unique educational program focusing on the development and cultivation of the health system's next generation of Catholic healthcare leaders. Learn more »

Past Conferences

Major International Conference - Oxford, England, June 2013
The "Journey of Transformation: Perspectives from Bernard Lonergan" was co-sponsored by the Bernard J. Lonergan Institute and the Maryvale Institute, Birmingham, England. Read more about this conference »

Recent Lectures: International Scholarship

On September 13 and 14, 2016 in Piacenza, Italy, Msgr. Richard Liddy lectured on "Lonergan and Maritain on St. Thomas' View of Understanding", at the annual conference of Lonergan on Education, "Bernard Lonergan and Jacques Maritain on Education", University of the Sacred Heart, Piacenza, Italy.

Rome Conference - November 2013
The Bernard J. Lonergan Institute is pleased to co-sponsor the "Revisiting Lonergan's Anthropology" Conference in Rome on November 27-30, 2013.  More information on Conference »