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Seton Hall University
G. K. Chesterton

G. K. Chesterton Institute for Faith and Culture

The G. K. Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture is celebrating its 48th anniversary and cordially invites you to read our 2021-22 Impact Report and 2022 Newsletter

The Institute's work consists of conferences, lecture series, research and writing. It is responsible for the publication of The Chesterton Review, a widely respected journal. In addition, the Institute promotes Chestertonian thinking through television, radio, the press and the stage. This commitment is not narrow or exclusive. Read more »

New! We invite you visit our new blog “Paradox, Wit & Wonder

As the G. K. Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture celebrates its 48th year, we are working to prepare a special program to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2024. We invite you to view a presentation of the Institute's history.

Chesterton Institute in the Media »

A Chestertonian Conversation with Fr. Ian Boyd Screening - Tuesday, December 13, 2022

"A Chestertonian Conversation with Father Ian Boyd" – a 27-minute documentary produced and directed by the G. K. Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture ©2022 at Seton Hall University. This video presentation is from a 2013 interview with Father Boyd.

To view the video recordings of previous presentations, please click here.