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First-Year and Transfer Students Housing Selection

For first-year and transfer students: this page includes all the information that you need to know about receiving a housing assignment and, if you choose, selecting your roommate(s) for your Home at the Hall!

There is no residency requirement for any students to live in University housing. To be eligible for University housing, you must be registered as a full-time student (at least 12 credits) or receive a special exception.

Housing is guaranteed for the first 1,150 first-year/transfer students who – by the May 1 deadline – (1) complete a housing application and (2) submit a housing deposit.

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How to Apply for University Housing

There are two required steps for you to officially be eligible to receive a University housing assignment (the deadline for both steps is May 1):

  1. Complete your housing application. The “First-Year Student Housing Application” and “Transfer Student Housing Application” are available via your eRezLife portal, which can be found on PirateNet (you will be unable to apply for housing until you receive your PirateNet login credentials).
  2. Submit your $375.00 housing deposit. The housing deposit can be submitted via the Seton Hall Marketplace.

Once those steps are completed, then you are set to receive a University housing assignment in July.

How to Select a Roommate Group

Image of two students standing in their dorm talking. Selecting a roommate group is completely optional. Students who do not select a roommate group will be paired with compatible roommate(s)/suitemate(s) by the eRezLife housing software system, based on the answers that are provided in the “Roommate Preference Survey” section of the housing application.

Every student has their own preferences in terms of matching with roommate(s)/suitemate(s). However, some of the best roommate relationships come from being paired by the system.

To find roommates, you can utilize the eRezLife housing software, social media (including the Class of 2027 Facebook page), or any other methods.

Use the following instructions to create your roommate profile, search for roommates/suitemates, and create a roommate group with a maximum of four (4) students (the deadline is July 1):

  •   Creating your Roommate Profile
    1. Log in to your eRezLife portal, via PirateNet.
    2. On the left side of your dashboard, select "My Roommate Profile."
    3. Check the box for "turn on my profile" and fill out the required fields on your roommate profile.
      • Now, it is possible for other students to request you as a roommate.
    4. Specify which of the available profile fields for searching you are comfortable with sharing with potential roommates/suitemates, by selecting your preferences.<.li>
      • "All applications" means that the information will be available for anyone who is searching for potential roommates/suitemates.
      • "My contacts" means that the information will only be viewable to other applicants once an applicant accepts a contact request from you. Applicants may also decide to make certain profile fields "Private" and not shared with anyone.
    5. Provide social media and contact information that you are comfortable sharing with potential roommates/suitemates to facilitate communication.
    6. Access the "Roommate Search" and "Contacts" menus and start communicating!
  •   Searching for Roommates/Suitemate
    1. Log in to your eRezLife portal, via PirateNet.
    2. Once a student has completed their roommate profile and made it available to other students, they will be able to access the "Roommate Search" and "Contacts" menus. .
    3. The roommate search allows applicants to filter based on profile fields for potential roommates/suitemates. Select the filters and search for potential roommates/suitemates with similar habits and interests. Then click "Search." .
      • If you do not use any filters and just select search, you will see everyone who has completed a roommate profile. .
    4. Based on your filters, a list of contacts will appear on your dashboard in a section that is labeled "Roommate Search Results." You can send a contact request to anyone. .
      • Once you send a contact request to another person via the RoomeeZ portal, an email will be sent to that student's SHU email address letting them know they need to approve a contact request by logging into their eRezLife portal.
    5. All contacts are easily viewable from the "Contacts" menu. .
    6. After you find your roommate(s)/suitemate(s), then you may create a Roommate Group. Instructions for that process follows: .
  •   Creating a Roommate Group

    After you find your roommate(s)/suitemate(s), then you may create a Roommate Group. Instructions for that process follows:

    1. Log in to your eRezLife portal, via PirateNet.
    2. On the left side of your dashboard, select "Roommate Groups."
    3. Select "Create new roommate group."
    4. Create a group name and add roommates/suitemates to the roommate group by using their SHU email addresses to search for them.
      • The maximum number of students in a group is 4.
    5. Your roommates/suitemates will receive an email to their SHU email address asking them to confirm that they would like to be a part of your roommate group.
    6. Once everyone in your roommate group officially confirms, each person in that group must select that group in the “Roommate Groups” homepage.
      • Students may create more than one roommate group, so this will help determine which group is the preferred match.
      • All students in the group must have a green check mark next to their names within the same group, for the group to be finalized.

Once those steps are completed, then you are set to receive a University housing assignment, with your matched roommates, during the week of July 3.

Housing Assignment Process for First-Year Students 

Image of the outside of Aquinas Hall in the summer. First-year students are assigned to Aquinas Hall or Boland Hall. Students are unable to indicate preference for a specific residence hall; the eRezLife housing software will randomly assign you to a space.

Students in the Honors Program and Buccino Business Leadership Program will be assigned to live in cohorts with other members of their programs.

Housing Accommodation Requests 

Students with disabilities and/or medical conditions that require a specific type of housing assignment may request housing accommodations through Disability Support Services (DSS). DSS partners with the Department of Housing and Residence Life to coordinate appropriate and accessible room assignments based on documented need. The deadline to request housing accommodation through DSS is May 1.

More information regarding housing accommodations can be found on the DSS Housing Accommodations webpage.

Have any questions? 

Please contact with any questions or concerns: 

Dennis J. Schuck
Assistant Director for Housing Services
[email protected]