Seton Hall University

Missing ID/Lock Out Policy


To assist students to gain entry into their room or building when they are missing their ID or keys.


University Policy


SHU I.D.: Seton Hall University issued card with a student’s picture, name, and ID number.


In the instance of students not having their SHU I.D. or key to their room, a member of the Housing and Residence Life staff will confirm on a roster or in eRezLife where that student lives and escort that student to their room to retrieve their ID or key. 

In the case of an ID being retrieved from a room, the HRL representative will escort the student back to the front desk and the student will need to swipe into the building.  

If an ID is missing and unable to be located, the student will need to go to Card Services (located in Duffy Hall) or to Public Safety to get a new ID or a temporary ID card. Students will be charged for both services. 

Forgotten ID fee: $10

Lock-out fees are as follows:

  • 1st lock out = $10
  • 2nd lock out = $15
  • 3rd and subsequent lock outs = $25

Responsible Offices

  • Department of Housing and Residence Life



Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Vice President of Student Services

Effective Date

January 9th, 2020