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Seton Hall University

Safety in the Residence Halls

The Residence Halls are equipped with several safety features. The first and most helpful of these safety features is the common sense, good will, and attentiveness of the community members themselves. 

Card Access

Student ID cards are used to gain access to a residence hall. A key is required to enter individual student rooms and is only issued to the resident of the room. All guests are required to adhere to visitation hours and be escorted by their resident host/hostess at all times while in the residence halls. 

24-Hour Coverage

All on campus residence halls have 24-hour front lobby desks located at the front entrances. These desks feature trained staff ready to assist in an emergency and are able to connect with other University safety resources (police, EMS etc) if the need arises.

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency call boxes are located in some parking areas and at the entrance of many residence halls. One button on each phone connects directly to SHU Public Safety while the other one will dial 911. View call box locations on campus » 


  • South Orange police officers patrol campus on selected evenings in addition to the already significant presence provided by the SHU Public Safety officers, who also complete rounds of campus. There is an excellent response time to situations as a result of the strategic location of these officers.
  • Residence Life staff performs security rounds of the buildings three times each evening and staff members are on call to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.
  • Guests may not be left in the building, or residence hall without their host. In all residential areas the resident student host is responsible for the conduct of their guests.

Transportation Services 

Never walk anywhere alone. The University provides a number of services that can take you where you need to go.

Fire Safety 

As a University we are committed to creating and maintaining the most fire safe and emergency ready environment for out students.

Health and Safety Inspections