Seton Hall University

Outreach Programming

What kind of outreach services does The Counseling and Psychological Services Center provide?
The Counseling and Psychological Services Center offers a variety of outreach services to the university community, including students, faculty, and staff. These services include consultation, referrals, training, participation in community events, and educational programs for a variety of mental health issues.

What is mental health outreach programming and what is its purpose?
Mental health outreach programming involves providing education and heightening awareness about psychological and personal development issues that college students commonly face. We achieve this through educational presentations, workshops, and mental health screenings.

The purpose of outreach programs is to educate students about various mental health issues, familiarize the community with our services, reduce the stigma associated with seeking counseling, and assist students in getting appropriate services to address emotional and developmental concerns. Outreach programming is particularly important because it allows us to serve a larger number of people than would otherwise be possible.

What kinds of programs and workshops are offered?
The Counseling and Psychological Services Center staff members are available to conduct workshops and educational programs for SHU students, faculty, staff, and parents throughout the academic year. Frequently requested topics are listed below. We can also design a workshop that is not included on the list:

  • Stress & Time Management
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Understanding Depression and Suicide
  • Adjustment to College
  • Issues in Alcohol & Substance Use
  • Identifying Eating Disorders  
  • Body Image workshops
  • Anger Management
  • Recognizing Signs of Emotional Distress
  • How to refer a Student to Counseling

Request a Workshop/Program:
Please make your request for a program at least two weeks prior to the anticipated date of your event. We also ask that you plan the date and time of the workshop with the Outreach Coordinator, Dr. Mary Kelly. This allows us to plan for staff availability and time to design your program and understand your needs.

To request a program, contact Dr. Mary Kelly at (973) 761-9500 or