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Seton Hall University

Self-Help Resources

Welcome to the CAPS guide to self-help resources! Here you will find some ideas about ways to address selected concerns on your own. In addition, your counselor might suggest that you use some of these resources to supplement your individual therapy. Please click on each category for a full list of resources.

Mindfulness and Meditation Resources

Guided Meditations

Feeling tense, overwhelmed, unable to focus? Need a short "mental vacation?" Why not try a guided meditation? The benefits of mindful meditation are well-researched, and include improved focus, stress relief, better sleep, pain management, and lower blood pressure. Plus, when we meditate, we are in the present and living our lives fully. Here are some audio recordings led by Dr. Jennifer Mazzetti of CAPS to help get you started:

Join the SHU Contemplative Community

Become a part of a community made up of SHU students, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to learning about and engaging in contemplative practices. All are welcome to check out the resources included on the MS Teams Contemplative Community page, including a weekly open meditation group. 

Self-Help Book Recommendations

The following is a listing of book recommendations for a variety of mental health concerns that university students often face.

Self-Help Videos

Building Resiliency Series: This is a 3-part series, in which Dr. Julie DiMatteo provides a roadmap for navigating the many stressors of college life and beyond. 

Cultivating Calm Series: This is a 5-part series, in which CAPS’ psychologists, Dr. Julie DiMatteo, Dr. Mary Kelly, and Dr. Rodea Montgomery lead a variety of workshops designed to help learn relaxation strategies and techniques. 

Managing Test Anxiety: In this video, CAPS’ counselors Dr. Julie DiMatteo and Caroline Black, LCSW provide strategies for managing test anxiety.

"What's Up Doc?" Series

"What's Up Doc?" is Counseling and Psychological Services' online video Q and A forum where we answer your questions regarding mental health and wellness.


The following podcasts can be accessed for free with most podcast platforms.

  • WorthyTherapy explores the intersection of mental health and identity in the Black, Queer, and athletic communities. Dr. Keoshia Worthy, a practicing Licensed Psychologist, adjunct professor, and former college athlete (and former CAPS Doctoral Extern!) discusses essential topics (e.g., intergenerational trauma, performance anxiety, sexuality) and provides strategies to improve mental wellness.


The following apps can be downloaded onto your phone to assist you in managing a variety of common mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety and mood issues and also promote positive mental health via relaxation skills, meditations, better sleep, and self-care.

Social Anxiety Self-Help Resources:

Below are self-help resources to support students experiencing anxiety in social or performance-based situations:

The National Social Anxiety Center has an extensive video library to help you use evidence-based strategies to lessen your social anxiety that can be found here.

Social Anxiety Support offers extensive peer support forums, as well as a database of free social anxiety support groups by state that can be found here.

Book Recommendation:
Antony, M.M. & Swinson, R.P. (2017).  Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven, Step-by-Step Techniques for Overcoming your Fear (3rd Edition). New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

Resources for COVID-19 and Other Disaster Survivors:

The following programs and websites provide self-help information and resources for individuals experiencing distress related to COVID-19 and other disasters.