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Group Therapy & Workshops

Group counseling is a type of psychotherapy that provides the opportunity for small groups of students to share common concerns, explore personal issues, and learn new skills under the guidance of group leaders. Workshops feel more like a class, where students learn and practice skills that address common concerns such as managing stress and anxiety, and managing difficult emotions, such as anger and depression.

For more information, or to speak with a counselor about group counseling or current workshops being offered, contact CAPS at (973) 761-9500.

Why Group Counseling?

Group counseling is an evidence-based therapeutic intervention that gives participants the opportunity to:
•    Learn how to communicate more effectively, including how to express your feelings and thoughts
•    Learn about how you interact with, impact, and are perceived by others
•    Experience a felt sense of acceptance and belonging
•    Discover that you are not alone in the difficulties you are experiencing
•    Enhance your ability to make decisions & solve problems by hearing ideas from others
•    Benefit from the experience of helping other group members
•    Gain encouragement by observing the success of others
•    Attend an unlimited number of group sessions!

Group Counseling Offerings

*Please note not all groups listed below may be offered during the semester and is based on student interest.

Stress and Anxiety Management Workshop 
Do you feel as if you can’t stop worrying? Do other people tell you to “just relax,” but it’s not that simple? Have you had panic attacks? This skills-focused, 4-session workshop will teach you how to manage these feelings and provide you with support to help you overcome your anxiety.

First in the Family Group
Are you a first-generation college student? This group aims to provide support for college students who are the first in their families to attend college. The group is an opportunity to relate, encourage, and support one another through shared experiences. The group discusses topics including (but not limited to) resources, imposter syndrome, financial stress, maintaining boundaries, networking, and family conflicts.

Managing Moods
If you would like to work on skills to better manage intense difficult emotions, such as anger and depression, this group may be right for you. In this group, you will have an opportunity to develop greater self-awareness and understand the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You will also learn a variety of skills to identify emotions, tolerate distress, and cope with difficult situations.

LGBTQIA+ Support Group
This support group offers a safe and supportive place to talk about issues that may be affecting you, including but not limited to: identity development, interpersonal and intimate relationships, family issues/dynamics, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, sexism, community issues, building support systems, accessing resources, and other issues of interest to members. This is an open process group where students are welcome to share their experiences.

Women of Color Support Group
This support group will provide a safe and supportive environment, for women of color from diverse backgrounds, to discuss topics relative to their experience such as race and ethnicity, acculturation, relationships, body image, stress management, leadership, advocacy, and self-esteem.

Understanding Self and Others
Do you struggle in your relationships with others? The goal of this group is to build awareness of the qualities and relational patterns which make up our relationship style. Through interactions with other group members, you will have an opportunity to gain a better understanding of yourself, how you relate to others, and develop ways of using this information to improve your relationships.

Has transitioning to college been more difficult than you expected? Have you been experiencing homesickness? Transitions is for first year students experiencing difficulty adjusting to college. Issues such as building relationships and managing academic demands will be some of the many topics discussed.

Graduate Student Support
Are you a graduate student struggling with career issues, academic pressure, strained relationships, or identity concerns? Come share perspectives with others, gain support, and learn new ways of coping.

Good Grief
Has your life been changed by the loss of someone meaningful to you? Join others on a journey through the grieving process as we set on a path toward healing and recovery. This workshop is designed to help participants begin to explore, understand and ease the painful aspects of grief.

Men’s Issues
This group is for you if you are a male student who would like a forum to discuss personal issues pertaining to men’s psychological health. The purpose of this group is to offer support, opportunities to give and receive feedback, and connection to other male peers. Discussions regarding masculinity, anger, sex and relationships will also be included.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to accept and enjoy the way you look instead of constantly worrying about and criticizing your appearance? This group is designed to address issues related to body image, self-esteem, and healthy eating. You will get a clearer idea of your own beliefs about these issues and how your beliefs influence your lifestyle and choices.

Family Matters
Family can be both a great source of support, and also a great source of stress. This group offers students a supportive place to talk about concerns related to their family. Some of the topics that might be discussed include: dealing with alcoholism in the family; the role you played in your family; and how your family communicated, resolved conflicts, and expressed emotions. This group focuses on understanding how these issues may impact you now, and supporting each other in dealing with sources of stress associated with our family members.

Healthy Relationships Group
Would you like a place to learn more about and discuss issues pertaining to healthy relationships? This group will provide foundational information and utilize open group discussion to process each week’s topic, such as discovering your communication style, developing social skills, and setting boundaries. Group members can discuss personal experiences and glean support and feedback resulting in greater self-awareness, introspection, and healthier relationships!

Mindfulness Group
Do you struggle with persistent negative mood states, such as depression, unhappiness or emotional distress? In this group you will learn how mindfulness can improve how you feel and help you develop greater self-awareness. This group uses skills from Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, which is a treatment that has shown to be an effective means to prevent and treat depression as well as to enhance emotional well-being. Mindfulness training will be practiced in group and participants will be encouraged to apply and practice their mindfulness skills throughout the week.

This group is designed to provide support for students living with a mental health-related diagnosis. Group members will have the opportunity to share experiences, gain peer support and acquire & share effective strategies for coping with symptoms of their diagnosis. Participation in this group can help members establish a healthy and balanced lifestyle.