Seton Hall University

Scope of Services

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is mindful of the types of services that we are equipped to offer within our center, which is referred to as our "scope of services."

CAPS Services

  • initial assessments
  • brief individual therapy
  • long-term group therapy
  • crisis and emergency services
  • limited psychiatric consultation
  • case management
  • referrals
  • consultation
  • psycho-educational workshops
  • self-help resources

An initial assessment is utilized to determine the level and type of CAPS services that will best serve each student’s mental health needs. Though a brief wait for services might occur at busier times of the year, level of urgency is considered when scheduling an appointment. Frequency and length of treatment is based on need.

All CAPS services are strictly private and confidential and not part of your academic record.


Enrolled, degree-seeking Seton Hall students:

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Law School
  • Seminary

Common concerns that are amenable to a brief therapy model and group therapy include but are not limited to:

  • Personal Concerns: Stress, anger, loneliness
  • Grief, bereavement & loss
  • Relationship Concerns: Romantic difficulties, interpersonal conflicts, family problems
  • Mild to moderate mental health issues: anxiety, depression
  • Developmental Concerns: Adjustment to college, life transitions, identity (e.g., sexual orientation, racial/ethnic, religious, gender, etc.)
  • Trauma, sexual assault, interpersonal violence: Assessment, stabilization and treatment within a brief therapy model
  • Academic Concerns: Performance anxiety, perfectionism, or mental health issues that affect academic difficulties
  • Concerns related to mild or moderate alcohol or other drug use/abuse
  • Concerns related to body image disturbance or disordered eating

Concerns and conditions that that may require a referral for off-campus care:

  • An indication that short-term therapy would be detrimental or not the optimal treatment for a student.
  • Student who cannot be stabilized or have significant safety concerns.
  • A need, or request, to be seen more than once a week for individual therapy.
  • Students who are already receiving ongoing therapy with another mental health provider
  • Students who are unable to comply with treatment (e.g., repeated no shows)
  • Students who require significant medical monitoring related to their psychological concerns.
  • Individuals who have demonstrated symptom reduction and have met initial treatment goals but desire on-going maintenance support.

Services not offered at CAPS (referrals can be provided):

  • Psychological testing or evaluations
  • Documentation for an emotional support animal
  • Medication evaluation for attention deficit disorder
  • Documentation or "excuse notes" for missed classes or assignments
  • Court mandated assessment or treatment

Referral process

  • When off-campus therapy is recommended or preferred by students, CAPS works with students to identify referral options specific for each student’s personal situation.
  • Referrals are individualized based upon a student's insurance, location, treatment needs, &/or other relevant criteria.
  • Consideration for each student's level of resources and ability to secure off campus treatment is considered when determining appropriateness of off-campus referrals.
  • Additional resources for locating off-campus providers can be found on the CAPS website: Finding Help Off-Campus.

To set up an initial assessment call CAPS at (973) 761-9500 or drop by in-person and make an appointment. CAPS is located on the second Floor of Mooney Hall, Room 27. We are open Monday - Friday, 8:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. In the event of a psychological emergency, call CAPS at (973) 761-9500 or the SHU Mental Health Crisis Hotline at 973-275-HELP (4357) to speak immediately with a professional mental health counselor.

If you are having serious thoughts of killing yourself or hurting someone else call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.