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The Core Proficiencies are an integral part of the core curriculum experience at Seton Hall University. Their development provides students with the tools for lifelong learning and equips them for life beyond college. The proficiencies are infused into all core courses and are developed through additional courses throughout a student's curriculum at Seton Hall. These important proficiencies continue to be taught in advanced courses, both in the college core and in the major areas of study, so students have the opportunity to gain solid competency in these vital skills.

The proficiencies are:

  • Reading and Writing: Close reading, the integration of reading and writing, textual analysis, organization and development, rhetoric and effective argumentation.

  • Research: Research skills, analysis of sources, documentation, working with secondary sources, the use of databases and indices and the incorporation of outside research into written and oral assignments.

  • Oral Communication: Oral presentations, group discussion, oral performance, speeches and interviewing skills.

  • Numeracy: Reading graphs and charts, quantitative reasoning, working with numbers, numerical analysis and the integration of numeric information with other disciplines.

  • Critical Thinking: Problem solving, developing new approaches to working with information and critical analysis.
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