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Please feel free to contact Eric Johnston, Core 3 ETW , if you have any questions regarding the application process.

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Proficiency Infusion Guidelines

When asked what they would like a Seton Hall University student to become, faculty made it clear that they want students with excellent skills in the following areas: reading, writing, oral communication, research, numeracy and critical thinking. These became the five University Core Proficiencies, to be developed throughout a student’s time at the university, not just in a few introductory courses. To this end, instructors across the university have worked to “infuse” their courses with one or more of these proficiencies, emphasizing them in tandem with and as a corollary to course content. Students are expected to take a designated number of infused courses throughout their four years at the university. The Signature courses are infused, as are College English I and II. The goal is to ensure that Seton Hall University students become known not only for knowledge in their chosen field but also for their ability to express themselves articulately, to think critically and to use information wisely.

Faculty members interested in submitting a proficiency-infused course for approval should complete the following steps:

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