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Seton Hall University
Nursing students

College of Nursing Core III Courses

CORE 3910 (NUTH 3020) Engaging the World: Christian Intellectual Tradition and Contemporary Health Care Issues
This course focuses on major themes and precepts in Catholic and other intellectual and religious traditions and their relevance to contemporary healthcare issues. Emphasis is placed on open dialogue and conversation as it relates to how Catholic and other religious and cultural traditions affect and influence people facing various transformative health care issues in their lives. Pre-requisites: Core I and Core II. 3 credits

CORE 3912 (NUTH 4440) Care of the Dying: Interventions for Body, Mind and Soul
The focus of this CORE III course is to identify the role of the healthcare provider in the care of the terminally ill and dying patient. Students will develop an awareness of the dying process as a life transition and will discuss biological, psychological, spiritual and religious needs of dying patients and their families. This course will examine the papal doctrines and other religious literature regarding current day ethical issues and practices in the care of the dying patient. Additionally, religious/cultural aspects of the afterlife will be addressed in depth. Pre-requisites: Core I and II. 3 credits

CORE 3911; NUTH 3891; CAST 3891 Engagement in the Catholic Intellectual Traditions and Health Care: Internship in Catholic Studies and Nursing
This course will immerse students in the history of Catholicism in South America and how the Catholic Intellectual Tradition is reflected in health care in Ecuador. Students will have experience in a culture unlike their own, in an effort to engage in a transformative cultural experience that will enable them to become culturally competent practitioners of the future. Students will utilize nursing process and critical thinking skills to provide health care for patients.