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Seton Hall University
Diplomacy Careers

About the University Core Curriculum

Seton Hall University's Core Curriculum is an approach to general education that encourages students to become thinking, caring, communicative and ethically responsible leaders with a commitment to service.

The Core Courses

The Core Curriculum consists of six common courses, as well as the systematic development of five academic proficiencies through the study of the liberal arts and sciences.

The core courses provide students with an educational experience unique to Seton Hall University (16 credits):

  1. The Signature Courses are rooted in questions that are central to but not exclusive to the Catholic intellectual tradition. Students read and discuss some of the enduring texts that address the meaning and purpose of the human journey. Through these courses, students gain self-knowledge, develop habits of intellectual and ethical engagement and hone the skills of critical thinking and thoughtful communication. They also develop the competencies to exercise servant leadership in a diverse and rapidly evolving world. These courses are:
    1. CORE 1101 Journey of Transformation
    2. CORE 2101 Christianity and Culture in Dialogue
    3. CORE 3101 Engaging the World
  1. CORE 1001 University Life in which mentors and peer advisors provide students with the models and tools needed for success in their academic career
  1. CORE ENGLISH 1201 and CORE ENGLISH 1202 provide an introduction to, and development of, academic reading, writing and research skills