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College of Human Development, Culture, and Media

CommArts Honor Alumni Mentor Partners

The CommArts Honor Alumni Mentor Partners (CHAMP) pairs students together with alumni mentors at the top of their professions in some of the world's leading companies — an experience exclusive to the College of Human Development, Culture, and Media. Students partner with alumni mentors — who hail from companies like Viacom, Novartis, Univision, iHeartRadio, Johnson & Johnson and more. This initiative helps students gain a competitive edge by learning about career opportunities directly from alumni who have graduated and moved on to achieve professional success.

CHAMP is a partnership unique to the College, made possible through a collaboration with the Career Center. The program has connected 200+ students and alumni together since 2010.

How is CHAMP structured?

CHAMP is active during the spring semester. Students and mentors attend a kick-off event at the beginning of the semester (January). Throughout the semester, students meet with their mentor four times (one of these must be in-person).

Additionally, all mentees participate in brief but thoughtful online discussions with their fellow students.

How do I get involved with CHAMP?

Students can apply to be a part of CHAMP as early as their sophomore year. A call for applications is issued in late September, with the deadline following soon afterward. Decisions are announced by early December. 

If selected, students register for a single (one) credit independent course during the spring semester. The course allows students to meet with mentors and then reflect on their experiences in an online classroom environment.

Members of the CHAMP program. What is the CHAMP experience like?

"I feel grateful to have been selected for this special opportunity. I am confident that I will take away new knowledge about the industry, better methods of networking and a more clearly defined perspective about what I'm looking to pursue." – Mentee, Public Relations major

"My experience with CHAMP was so special. I was paired with a journalist from the New York Daily News. I cannot thank him enough for all of the advice and suggestions that he gave me regarding everything from my internship search to how to conduct the best interview possible. I even got to visit the [offices of the] Daily News and sit in on an editorial meeting to plan the next day's paper!" – Mentee, Journalism major

"I've had the opportunity to guide some very bright minds who will make a tremendous impact on my profession. Being part of the CHAMP now gives me a chance "to inspire future stars as I was inspired myself." – Mentor, Joan Bosisio, Senior Vice President, Stern Strategy Group

"I cannot thank my mentor enough for the time and tips [she] shared with me through Seton Hall University's CHAMP this semester. Our meetings were insightful and provided me with genuine career guidance for my post-collegiate life." – Mentee

Interested in CHAMP?

Contact Amanda Carcione, CASE Director, College of Human Development, Culture, and Media at [email protected] for more information.