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Arts and Sciences
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


In Seton Hall’s Physics program, you can join other great minds in the search for answers to big questions like how did the universe begin? How is a star born? What is the densest thing on Earth? The B.A. version of our program is perfect for students who plan to work in secondary education, or those who want to study physics but pursue a career in business, law, allied health or other fields. In our B.A. or B.S. physics program you'll learn from renowned experts, while working alongside them on groundbreaking research. You can explore a career in secondary education, business, law and allied health, or you can continue your education in a top graduate program and prepare for advanced positions in research and academia. Our students have been admitted to prestigious programs at Duke, Harvard, MIT, Princeton and many others.

  • Gain real-world experience with internships at top employers like Sandia National Laboratories, U.S. Department of Defense, Ford Motor Company, Lockheed Martin and more.
  • Work alongside faculty on cutting-edge edge research starting as early as your freshman year. More than 80% of our students conduct research with faculty!
  • Apply for research funding from the NASA & New Jersey Space Grant Consortium –– more than a dozen of our students have been awarded these grants.
  • Acquire practical skills in our astronomical observatory equipped with a 16-inch coma free telescope and CCD camera. Other instrumentations include a pulsed laser deposition system, X-ray diffractometer and much more.
  • Gain cutting-edge research experience with Dr. M. Alper Sahiner, in semiconductors and laser processing of solar cells in collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory, NIST and IBM.
  • Attend national conferences –– many times with all expenses paid by Seton Hall. Last year alone almost 25% of physics majors traveled to conferences across the country!
  • Learn from renowned and innovative faculty like Dr. Jose Lopez –– an expert in plasma physics and rated as one of the 10 smartest people in NJ! Other faculty are developing high-efficiency solar cells as a clean-energy alternatives, as well as investigating cell population and cytoskeleton dynamics.
  • Have the opportunity to be inducted to Sigma Pi Sigma, the National Physics Honor Society.

College Facts

  • 2,801 Undergraduate Enrollment
  • 6:1 Student to Faculty Ratio
  • 81% Employment Rate
  • 98% Graduate School Acceptance Rate
ArtSci By the Numbers

Jose Lopez: Fascinated by Physics

Professor Jose Lopez — an international expert on microplasmas who was named one of New Jersey’s “biggest brains” — on teaching and studying physics at Seton Hall.

What Great Minds Can Do
Fernanda Duarte

NASA funded Fernanda Duarte’s research as a sophomore at Seton Hall.

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NASA funded Fernanda Duarte’s research as a sophomore at Seton Hall.

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Students complete the core Arts and Sciences courses, required physics, math and chemistry classes and electives that align with their career goals. A department adviser will help you decide which courses you’ll take and the order you’ll take them in and may even modify the program based on your particular interests or objectives. In each class, you’ll find highly engaged faculty and fellow students — and an illuminating blend of theory and experimentation.

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Faculty Listing

The faculty of the Department of Physics is a community of renowned and active researchers. In one recent year, the Physics faculty produced six peer-reviewed articles in high-impact journals, 17 papers presented at national and international conferences, two plenary lectures and four invited lectures. Our faculty members also hold prestigious research grants from NASA and the National Science Foundation and regularly include students (both undergraduate and graduate) in their research projects.

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Jose Lopez posing
Jose Lopez
Professor of Physics
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Eerie Morales posing
Erie Morales
Physics Professor
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Headshot of Weining Wang. posing
Weining Wang
Acting Chair and Associate Professor
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