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Biology students working on a computer
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) / Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


In the broadest terms, biologists study life and living organisms. Their work spans many facets of the world and can take various forms, from advancing medicine, to addressing challenges of biodiversity, to developing biotechnology. While our B.A. in Biology is for students interested in incorporating their biology expertise into other fields, the B.S. is meant for students who would like to pursue careers in science or who are considering graduate programs in science or medicine. The program provides a strong foundation in the modern sciences and prepares students through experiential learning, laboratory research and off-campus work experiences.

College Facts

  • 2,801 Undergraduate Enrollment
  • 6:1 Student to Faculty Ratio
  • 81% Employment Rate
  • 98% Graduate School Acceptance Rate
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How Seton Hall Lab Work Opens Doors

Early access to competitive Internships and state-of-the-art labs are hallmarks of the Seton Hall experience.


"My friends at other colleges haven't been able to get into the research labs as early as I have. They have to wait until junior or senior year, but I got into the labs my freshman year."

Matt Pennington, biology and chemistry student


Students in this program study biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. The program starts with General Biology I and II and Genetics courses, then covers cell biology, four semesters of chemistry, two of physics and two of math. Electives allow you to explore specialized areas of biology and to pursue independent library or laboratory research. Students with especially strong academic credentials may apply for the Biology Honors Program, which leads to a senior thesis.

Faculty Listing

The Biological Sciences faculty conducts internationally recognized research and innovative, technologically-enhanced instruction.

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