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Co-sponsored by the Departments of Religion, Language Literatures and Cultures, and Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice. Participating faculty bring a broad range of academic experience from disciplines of arts and humanities, behavioral and exact sciences.

The Minor in Archaeology is a program designed to lead the student to ancient foundations of human intellectual, social and material achievement through guided applications of academic disciplines. A liberal arts education is intended to provide students with a knowledge about a variety of academic areas and some experience in several of its disciplines. Archaeology as discourse about ancient things is a discipline that integrates into its own operations a variety of academic disciplines.

Students who minor in archaeology can achieve more than a knowledge of the deepest foundations of our civilization. Because of its practical and experimental nature, archaeology facilitates the integration of academic disciplines into a more coherent vision of what abroad liberal arts education is all about.


Course Requirements

Each course is offered for three credits and may be taken either under ARCH or under the cross-listed department designation.

Three credits in the following:

ANTH 1211 Introduction to World Archeology
ARCH 1001 (IDIS 1201) Archaeology  for Liberal Arts

Six credits in the following:

ANTH 1201 Physical Anthropology
ARCH 1113 (CLAS 1312)  Archaeology of Greece
ARCH 1112 (CLAS 1311)  Archaeology of Rome
ARCH 1114 (RELS 2121)  Archaeology and the Bible
ARCH 3110 (RELS 3190)  Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
RELS 2122  Practicum in Archaeology

Six credits in the following:

ANTH 1201 Cultural Anthropology
ARCH 1202 (IDIS 1101)  Traditional Cultures/Non-Western World
ARCH 1250 (RELS 2160)  Women in the Biblical Tradition
ARCH 2111 (ANTH 2225)  Beginnings of Civilizations
ARCH 2112 (CLAS 2319,  HIST 3220)  Greek Civilization
ARCH 2113 (CLAS 2320, HIST 3221)  Roman Civilization
ARCH 2303 (CLAS 2303, POLS 2411)  Politicians in Antiquity
ARCH 2304 (CLAS 2304, HIST 3183)  Historians of Greece and Rome
ARTH 1111  Classical Art
ARCH 2317 (CLAS 2317, ENGL 3612)  Classical Mythology
ARCH 2322 (CLAS 2322, HIST 2170, WMST 2322)  Women in Antiquity
ARCH 2346 (ANTH 2241)  Native People of North America
HONS 1101  Ancient Civilizations
RELS 1102  Introduction to the Bible
RELS 2111  Genesis and Exodus

Three credits in an archaeological project

ARCH 4001  Independent Study/Project
ARCH 4002  Independent Study/Project
ARCH 4003  Independent Study/Project

Students are encouraged to integrate their majors and/or minors with the study of archaeology where possible. Projects chosen range from studies in art, artifacts or architecture of antiquity to chemistry, computer applications and photography.  Museum internships are usually available and strongly encouraged. Co-op programs for summer and year-round work also are available.

Faculty Listing

Many of our faculty are actively engaged in interdisciplinary research.

David Beneteau posing
David P. Bénéteau
Professor of Italian
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lopez-cartina posing
Jorge López Cortina
Associate Professor of Spanish
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DongDong Chen posing
Dongdong Chen
Professor of Asian Studies, Director of Graduate Studies
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Mark Horowitz posing
Mark Horowitz
Associate Professor of Sociology
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