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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Thomas Jefferson, Shakespeare, Molière, Mozart, Goethe, Audrey Hepburn. What do they have in common? They all spoke Italian. It’s easy to imagine why. Italy is the home of ancient Rome, once the political power of the world; the Vatican, the spiritual center of Europe; Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance; and Milan, the musical capital of the world. Understanding Italian now opens doors in the art, cinema, fashion and food industries.

If you are considering working in international business, tourism, fashion, publications, museums, diplomacy, education, social work, history, or even law or medicine, and if you are ready to make a commitment to distinguish yourself from others, then consider studying Italian at Seton Hall. Our mission: To spark your imagination, to help you gain fluency, and to immerse you in Italian language and culture by meeting other people and exploring the diversity of culture. Becoming an Italian major at Seton Hall opens doors to opportunities such as scholarships, studying abroad in Rome, business connections, internships and more.


Our first- and second-year Italian courses strengthen students’ language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) through interactive classes. At the third-year level, you’ll study aspects of culture (film, music, patterns of civilization and even pop culture). Literature courses immerse you still deeper in both the art of the Italian language and the richness of Italy’s culture and history. A summer study abroad program will take you to Rome for a four-week intensive and full-immersion experience.

The B.A. in Italian requires 36 credits above elementary-level courses.


  • ITAL 1001-1002 Elementary Italian I and II
  • ITAL 2001-2002 Intermediate Italian I and II
  • ITAL 3001-3002 Advanced Italian I-II
  • ITAL 3011 Conversational Italian I
  • ITAL 3305-3306 Italian Civilization I-II
  • ITAL 3321-3322, 4324-4325 Special Topics in Italian Civilization
  • ITAL 3601 Italian Cinema
  • ITAL 4401 The Italian Renaissance
  • ITAL 4463 The Italian Theater
  • ITAL 3401-3402 Survey of Italian Literature
  • ITAL 3461 The Italian Melodrama
  • ITAL 4411 Dante’s Commedia I
  • ITAL 4412 Dante’s Commedia II
  • ITAL 4421 Manzoni and the Historical Novel
  • ITAL 4431-4432 Modern Italian Literature I-II
  • ITAL 4441-4442 Contemporary Italian Prose I-II
  • ITAL 4468-4469 The Italian Short Story I-II
  • ITAL 4801-4803 Studies in Italian Literature
  • ITAL 2701-2702-3201 Study Abroad in Rome (Italy) I-II-III

Faculty Listing

David Beneteau posing
David P. Bénéteau
Professor of Italian
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Gabriella Romani posing
Gabriella Romani
Director of Alberto Institute & Italian Studies and Professor of Italian
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Headshot of Laura De Nicola posing
Laura De Nicola
Italian Adjunct Professor
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Profile image not provided. posing
Patricia Doherty
Adjunct Professor of Health Care Management
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