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Seton Hall University
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Payroll Information

Time cards are processed through the Web-Time Timesheet system. Web-time is a university-wide automated time, attendance and leave management application that is a “best-in-class” solution to integrate time and attendance with HR and Payroll by improving upon the current labor intensive process surrounding paper timesheets administration.

  • Student time cards must be approved by the student on Thursday at the end of each pay period by 11:59 p.m.
  • Supervisors must ensure and approve their students' time cards on Friday at the end of each pay period at the close of business of (4:45 p.m.)
  • The pay date for each pay period is the following Friday (unless specified as a special payroll).
  • All paychecks will be mailed to address on file.
  • If you would like to sign up for direct deposit please complete the Student Direct Deposit Payroll Authorization Form and submit to the Payroll Department.

Click here for the payroll schedule »

Please note special schedules for holiday payrolls.
All students are required to requests for payment of unpaid or late time cards in Web-Time.

Federal Work Study for the 2017-2018 academic year will end 06/14/2018.
All other pay periods (BW 14) must be funded by your department’s budget.

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