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Seton Hall University
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Direct Deposit

The Payroll Office offers direct deposit to all employees and student workers and strongly encourages its use. Direct deposit provides employees and student workers a safe, timely and convenient way to receive their pay. With direct deposit an employee's net pay is transferred electronically into one or more checking or savings account of an employee's choice and is available on pay day. Direct deposit eliminates worry about paychecks being lost, stolen or misplaced. It is a convenient way to insure your money is safely available to you on payday (whether you are on vacation, out of the office, on business or ill.)

Paystubs are available to all active employees via the PirateNet portal. To view your paystub log on to PirateNet > Select Self-Service Banner > Select Employee Dashboard> Click on View Employee Dashboard> Click on Pay Information/All Pay Stubs.


Please complete the direct deposit authorization form and return it to the Payroll Office:

You will need to provide documentation from your bank showing your bank’s routing / transit number and your account number. This documentation may be either:

  • A blank voided check, 
  • A screenshot showing your account & bank’s routing/transit number from your online or mobile banking app, or
  • A bank generated direct deposit information form showing your account number and your bank's routing / transit number. 

The process takes two pay cycles to complete before you will receive your pay via direct deposit. Payroll will perform a test of the electronic deposit to your account during the first payroll cycle and a paper check will be mailed to your address on file for this pay period. You will be notified in the event this test is unsuccessful. If successful, you can expect to receive your next pay via direct deposit.