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Office of Student Employment

Undergraduate and graduate students work for a variety of reasons. Some need their earnings to meet the basic costs of education, while others want their earnings for social activities. Some recognize that the skills and work habits gained on the job will benefit them when seeking employment after graduation.

The Student Employment Office maintains on-line listings of all types of employment positions for the students of Seton Hall University with varying skill levels and areas of interests. If you are interested in working on a part-time basis, check out our employment opportunities.

Community Service FWS jobs are designed to engage a student in improving the quality of life for community residents, particularly low-income individuals, or to address issues such as: literacy training, social services, housing, neighborhood improvement, public safety, recreation, "at-risk" youth, and community improvement.

If you are an international student, please read important information about maintaining your student visa status here »

Looking for a job?

Darlene Robinson
Assistant Director of Financial Aid for Student Employment


Direct Deposit
Direct deposit is a service offered by the University providing employees with the convenience of having their paycheck deposited directly into a checking or savings account of their choice.  For further details please visit the Payroll Office website to complete the Student Direct Deposit Payroll Authorization Form.

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