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Slavic Club

Slavic Club

The goal of the Slavic Club, which currently has over 900 members, is to promote Slavic cultures.  It was created in 1990 by Russian language Professor Anna Kuchta for the purpose of increasing awareness by the SHU community of the Slavic cultures, customs, and people. As a result, students who want to keep up with current cultural trends in Russia and Eastern Europe have an exceptional opportunity to do so in the framework of the Club. 

The Slavic Club works very closely with SHU's Russian and East European Studies Program to provide superior opportunities for members of the Seton Hall community to become more familiar with the diverse countries that are represented by the members of the Club. Seton Hall Slavic Club members are deeply committed to the mission of the University by striving to become outstanding, tolerant, and compassionate "servant leaders in today's global society". 

The Slavic Club strives to be community-minded—locally and globally—and to "build bridges while bridging the gaps." Through Slavic music, art, trips to different Slavic events and museums, and through our weekly lectures and cuisines, the Slavic Club tries to bridge cultural and ethnic divides in order to build coalition and harmony in our community.

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Anna Kuchta
(973) 763-1865