Seton Hall University
Students eating ice cream in the cafeteria.

Meal Plans

All on-campus residence hall students are required to purchase a Meal Plan. Meal Plan preference can be noted when completing the Housing Application/Roommate Survey. Commuters and off-campus residents may also select a meal plan by contacting our office directly. Meal Plan charges are added to the student's billing account and accessed via the student's ID card.

Plans with meals per week have their Meal Plan balance reset each Sunday for the new week. Plans with meals per semester work as a declining balance with no limit to the amount of meals consumed each week as long as there are meals left on the student's account. All Meal Plans come with Pirate Bucks – a declining balance of points used to buy items a la cart in the dining hall, food court, or Pirate's Cove. Pirate Bucks balances carry over from the Fall to Spring semester but unused Pirate Bucks at the end of the Spring semester are non-refundable and do not carry over. Unused Pirate Bucks are forfeited when a meal plan is canceled. Most Meal Plans include guest swipes which are used for treating friends or family without Meal Plans to a meal in the dining hall. 

Meal Plan Rates

Meal Plan Meals Pirate Bucks Guests Semester Charge
U Unlimited 75 5 $2,512
U-300 Unlimited 300 5 $2,675
U-700 Unlimited 700 5 $2,966
2* 40 meals per semester 75 1 $508
Seminary       $3,491

***Meal Plan 2 is available to commuters, Ora, and Turrell residents only.

Meal Plan Changes 

Students have until the last day of Add/Drop (ten days into each semester) to change their Meal Plan. They may change their plan on their Housing Profile on PirateNet or by contacting our office. 

All Fall Meal Plans carry over to the Spring semester unless the student opts to change their Meal Plan. 

Pirates Gold and Pirate Bucks  

Pirate's Gold is a debit account students can use to purchase items or pay for services on and off campus. From buying a textbook, getting a snack or doing laundry, Pirate's Gold is both easier and faster than using cash. Pirate's Gold can be added to a student's ID Card by clicking the link below: 

The difference between Pirate Bucks and Pirate's Gold is that Bucks are used only in our dining facilities on campus. Pirate's Gold is accepted in our dining facilities, bookstore, Bursar's office, vending machines, laundry machines, and in local shops and eateries. Pirate's Gold can be added in any desired amount and is refundable upon graduation or leaving the University.