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Careers in English

English prepares students to be innovative and sensitive professionals, who can adapt to changes in the job market. With creativity, cultural literacy, the ability to read character and context and to write with clarity and verve, English majors are well equipped for myriad jobs: 

  • doctors (English majors consistently excel on the MCAT!)
  • social media and public relations managers
  • copywriters (advertising and marketing)
  • editors and content managers
  • web designers
  • diversity officers
  • development, fundraising, grant writing specialists 
  • lawyers (English majors traditionally excel on the LSAT!)
  • data analysts and archivists
  • science and technical writers

Take a look at what businesspeople in tech, management, and other fields at places like Google, Apple, IBM, and elsewhere are saying about the economic value of the English major and the resurgent demand for training in the humanities:

Recent graduates, of the English Major program, work in the following positions: 

ESPN logo with the words "College Sports Publicist" listed below. Time Inc. logo with the words "Digital Account Executive" listed below. CNBC rainbow peacock logo with the words "News Associate for Strategic Content" listed below. Routledge logo of a two-person profile with the words "Editorial Assistant" listed below. Amerihealth NJ logo of a rendition of the American flag, a blue square and two red ribbon lines, with the words "AmeriHealth New Jersey Public Relations Specialist" listed below. Logo for Coyne PR with the words "Senior Account Executive" listed below. Logo for Sirius XM with soundwaves on each side with the words "Board Operator" listed below. Oxford University Press crest logo with the words "Oxford University Press" listed below. Mashable logo with the words "Web Culture and Lifestyle Intern" listed below. Ernst and Young logo of an "EY" with a yellow line above it with the words "Assurance Staff" located below.