College of Arts and Sciences

First Year Writing Program

All Seton Hall first-year students who take introductory English courses are required to visit the Writing Center as a graded part of their class work. Students taking College English I (English 1201) and II (English 1202) are typically required to attend one (1) session during the semester. Some students may have a slightly increased requirement. Students taking basic skills or linked 1201 classes are typically required to attend six (6) sessions at the Writing Center during the semester.

Basic Skills classes are typically assigned one or two tutors to work with that particular section. In addition, tutors visit linked 1201 classes once per week and work with the students and the faculty member during class time. Students are expected to attend their individual appointments weekly until the session requirement is met; however, they are encouraged to continue attending after they have met their requirement. Writing Center tutors will complete conference summary sheets after each session and e-mail or send them to the student’s English faculty, who should respond to the tutor in writing.

At the Writing Center, freshmen are typically assisted by peer tutors; upper class men and graduate students as well as faculty and staff are usually assisted by senior, graduate, or faculty tutors. The reception desk is staffed a desk attendant or by one of the available tutors on duty during that hour. Clients and tutors unable to be at the Writing Center at their scheduled times are asked to notify on-duty staff by phoning ext. 7501 or ext. 2183 as well as e-mailing and/or calling their tutoring partners as soon as the conflict arises.


First-year writing resources for both students and faculty include information about ENGL 1201, ENGL 1202, and several e-Portfolios. Click here to continue »